Osman Ready To Keep Winning Run Going At Villa
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Everton and Aston Villa meet for the 200th time in the league on Saturday afternoon and Leon Osman can't wait.

Ossie wants to extend Everton's 6 game unbeaten run with maybe a goal to add to the 5 he has scored against the Villains.

Ossie said: "I enjoy going to Villa Park. They're always really competitive games, it's a nice stadium, and, as always, we'll take a good load of Evertonians with us, so we'll be well supported.

"They are all still big games for us. This season has been a learning curve but it seems we have learnt those lessons now and that's shown with the run we're on.

"We want to finish in a positive manner and we want to finish unbeaten. Any momentum we can build now will certainly help for next season. 

"I think if we can finish the season in a positive way, with good results and everyone feeling good within the Club, then we can certainly carry that feeling over into next season, which will make things easier.

"Aston Villa are in good form. They ran Man City close at the Etihad last weekend and they're into the FA Cup final as well, so everyone will be doing everything they can to try to get in that cup final team.

"It's going to be a tough game, but, with the way we're feeling at the minute and the results we've been picking up, we feel capable of going there and winning."

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Comments about Osman Ready To Keep Winning Run Going At Villa
The manager is an idiot. Why change a winning team? The only logical answer is because you think you can improve it. Naismith for Barkley?? Get a brain, man. And then, when the damage is well and truly done - he changes it back again!! Duh! After United Bob said 'from the beginning we were showing incredible concentration...' True. Who's job is it to insure that concentration is repeated? The captain's? The player's? Don't believe it is. There's no STEEL in this management team, even with Dunc there. The first half yesterday, as the manager admitted, was - shit. Fine, the direct honesty makes a change, thanks for that - but WHY? Really, there NO excuse for lack of application. Yes you can get beat any day by another team playing better - fine - but Villa didn't NEED to play better. They strolled all round a bunch of players who were embarassing. EMBARASSING! I don't get it. Why? Why? And if we don't know the answer - or Bob doesn't - find someone who DOES!
Bleu, France, 9:48 AM 3/05/2015
Would be great to win at Villa and even better if it's the result that eventually sends them down to the championship. Thinking about it in greater detail, relegation for the Skunks and the detestable Mike Ashley would make the world a far better place.
John T, Bristol, 9:27 AM 2/05/2015
Is he kidding...if we finish the season on a high?!?! WhT does he think happened last season.... Duh??? The pre season was a sign of things to come, it was awful, the key to next season is a good preseason and getting everyone fit, a few additions but there is the basis of a cracking's in their heads and el bob needs to get them sorted..... Please?!?
Wrighty, Dudley, 7:01 PM 1/05/2015
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