How Unlucky Is Everton Full Back Bryan Oviedo
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Bryan Oviedo will miss the remaining four games of the season after fracturing a metatarsal in his right foot during training.

The Costa Rican International, had just recovered from a hamstring strain and was poised to play for the under-21s in the Mini Derby on Thursday.

The 25 year old Oviedo baby, has only played 11 times this season, has suffered a number of injuries in the last 18 months, missing the 2014 World Cup after a double leg fracture in January 2014.

Roberto said:"He's fractured his fifth metatarsal.

"He was in a great moment of form and looking forward to getting back into the squad and finishing the season playing.

"It was a very unfortunate action on his own and he is going to be out for the rest of the season and miss games with Costa Rica in the Concacaf Gold Cup.

"He knew straight away he'd done something bad. It took him a couple of hours to get his head around it. Mentally he's in a good place now.

"It's incredible bad luck. His ankle rolled in a bad position. It's just unfortunate.

"It's another blow for him. But it's a lesson with the mental strength he has. He's the one who is leading the rehab and will count the days down until he comes back.

"We're going to support him and get a stronger player back. It's been an unfortunate period since Stevenage. He should be back stronger for pre-season." 

Is this the end for Bryan Oviedo? Comment Below.

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Comments about How Unlucky Is Everton Full Back Bryan Oviedo
Reminds me a little of Kevin Richardson - for those of us of a certain age!
Richard P, Dubai, 9:25 PM 3/05/2015
What a tragedy, I hope this doesn't finish his career. He hasn't looked the same player, not surprising really given how bad the first break was. Good luck to the lad.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:41 AM 1/05/2015
I feel sorry for the lad, hes had nothing but bad luck after a promising start to his Everton career. Will RM still allow Garbutt to walk away this summer ? He must make all possible efforts to keep him as he is our only other left back and in my opinion will be a top player in the Premier League for us or someone else, very soon.
PatS, Southport, 10:16 AM 1/05/2015
head up bryan. never forget you were CHOSEN.
gaz, deeside, 8:12 PM 30/04/2015
Get better soon fella...we need you down that left side
Ken.T, Anglesey, 5:49 PM 30/04/2015
Get yourself fit for next season miss you oviedo baby
R.F Thompson, Standish Wigan, 5:19 PM 30/04/2015
Such a shame for Bryan,bursting to get back on song,and cruelty strikes again. Wipe the slate clean and come next season he'll be hungrier than ever to compensate for the ill fortune that's hung around his being. Good player,better team player,thanks Moysey.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:16 PM 30/04/2015
Give him time he snapped his leg 13 months ago and was back playing before aggravating it again. Some people take longer to recover than others. Hes a good player and a great back up player for the team.
Garry, Everywhere, 12:44 PM 30/04/2015
Gutted for him. Another "freak" injury. The leg break was a real weird one and now just rolling his ankle. Everybody and his dog seem to get hamstring injuries, but hopefully he will be back for pre-season training with the rest of the squad. A proper pre-season, unlike last summer's debacle.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 12:42 PM 30/04/2015
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