Mirallas To Stay At Everton
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Kevin Mirallas has said again he will still be an Everton player next season.

The Everton winger who came on to score the third goal against Man Utd says he is happy at Everton.

Having said he wants to score 15 goals this season, the 27 year old has scored 2 in 2 games, leaving him to score 5 in 5 games to reach the target.

Kevin said: "There was a lot of paper talk about my future last week but I am very happy here and I see next season the same shirt I think.

"I think it was our best performance of the season.

"For my goal, at first I didn't go because the ball was for Romelu, but when I saw Romelu stop running I went.

"The referee did not give offside , the goalkeeper went left I went right, which was good for me.

"When I went one against one with De Gea it was okay, it was not difficult for me because every day I practice that action and I enjoy it.

"For me, it's good to score in both of the last two games but the most important thing for me is that the team has won the two games.

"I was very happy because my family is here my baby is here." 

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Comments about Mirallas To Stay At Everton
I couldn't care if he's not a team player he's our best player and the only player who looks a real threat he hasn't been given his chances by martinez but is still into double figures he needs to be kept played and have a new contract signed along with McCarthy and garbut
Jay, L3, 5:34 PM 1/05/2015
He's playing the game here. He knows he's off but he's intimating he's staying so when he goes in the Summer he can blame the club. When on song a good player but the majority of time he's only playing for himself!
Mick, Ormskirk, 10:18 PM 29/04/2015
Brilliant comments and virtually everyone of the same opinion. He has talent; he can be very effective; he scores magnificent goals - BUT at times he is a sulky sod; he is not what I call a team player AND on evidence look at Lennon's work rate. The penalty fiasco, the foul in the Burnley game this Birdy song rubbish - It's down to you Old Son - you have shit the nest once too often and need to do a lot to restore my faith.
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 8:58 AM 29/04/2015
Good news. The key to the summer is the selling as much as the buying. We have good players - but not enough of 'em and we do have dead wood that needs shifting. But this news has to be a real bonus.
Bleu, France, 9:54 PM 28/04/2015
I hope he does stay, and convinces Lukaku to aswell!
Jon, Leeds, 9:17 PM 28/04/2015
Don't see him staying at Everton as the less lucrative option for his agent . Not good enough for the super rich clubs in Europe in places you would want to go other than just for money.
Paul, Wirral , 9:11 PM 28/04/2015
Believe it when I see him sign a new contract in the very near future not wait till the end of next season or the January transfer window with his contract winding down and his price goes down agree on form one of our best and a world beater on his day hope he stays
Blue Nick, The Street End, 8:32 PM 28/04/2015
Would like him to stay cause when he seems focused he's virtually unplayable,but when he's got his mind elsewhere,i hate that head turned thing,so 2014 onwards,he's about as much use as a deck chair at Chernobyl. So Mr.Mirallas knuckle down your actually liked here,we both have much to offer each other.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 7:31 PM 28/04/2015
The only player who looks like lighting the fuse every time he comes on. Undoubtedly a good player. If he can make it 90 mins he could be a great player. Good to see whatever upset him is behind him.
les wirral, top balcony, 6:59 PM 28/04/2015
To be cynical for a minute, I believe his agent has told him to think realistically. Where will he go to "better himself"? None of the top 4 clubs need him;, Spurs is a slight possibility, every other team would be a downgrade(no, I'm not on anything!) Looking at Europe, does he think he's going to walk into Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, P.S.G etc etc? When he cuts out the fannying about, he's capable of being very effective. So having been told to "Wake up and smell the coffee" he's realised that the Blues are his best option.
Bri, Woolton, 5:21 PM 28/04/2015
This is good news if he gets his head straight. He's capable of brilliance and doing an invisible man act in the same match. I want him to stay and play his best.
Spectator, Crosby, 3:35 PM 28/04/2015
Good he's our best player.
Andrew Steele, crewe, 1:45 PM 28/04/2015
Undoubted ability and he chose us ahead of the Arse. But cut out the nonsense (WBA and Burnley) and just focus on what you do best. Don't stay if you think you are doing us a favour.
Ivor, G St, 1:07 PM 28/04/2015
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