Classy Stones Has United Stars In His Pocket
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John Stones scored his first Everton goal in the 3-0 win over Man Utd.

The 20 year old defended well with Phil Jagielka at the heart of the defence, but was happy to get his goal.

Stonesy said: "It has been a long time, I have had a lot of pressure from players and staff saying I need to get a goal, so it's a special feeling for me. 

"To keep a clean sheet and score three goals against Manchester United is a big day for us and keeps us on a run.

"It's the big games that you look forward to and the big players who bring the best out in you - and I definitely enjoyed myself today.

"I think we all know we have been under-par this season but in the last 10 games we have been back to ourselves and being on this good run will do us the world of good going into next season." 

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Comments about Classy Stones Has United Stars In His Pocket
"Eurocrap" are you serious ? Any true fan would want to be in it again. No better away games then in Europe.
J, Liverpool , 11:00 AM 28/04/2015
The Obstructed View - check out Duncan's reaction to Stonesey's goal. http://www.footytube.com/video/duncan-ferguson-legend-efc-everton-duncanferguson-premierleague-351996?tchan_ov_vidgrid
alan haynes, queensland, 10:04 PM 27/04/2015
I think barkley and coleman could get into any top team
J, Liverpool , 9:11 PM 27/04/2015
Paul's a bit harsh on some of the others (e.g. McCarthy). Yesterday showed that we can adapt to the circumstances - i.e. a plan B, C or even D. Enjoy the moment while it lasts. A season without Eurocrap will be very helpful. Exit the older guys, entrance the new and help them gel.
Rob Hogan, Kegworth, 8:05 PM 27/04/2015
The one Everton player good enough to play for Barcelona , Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.
Paul, Wirral, 7:07 PM 27/04/2015
Now he's stopped trying to dribble his way out every time he looks like he's understood where he was going wrong. Now he looks like he'll fulfill his potential. Ross could learn a lot from that approach, he's improved but too slowly. If they and Rom and McCarthy reach their full potential we would have the heart of a rebuilt team.
Spectator, Crosby, 4:29 PM 27/04/2015
Dixie Dean,Tommy Lawton,Joe Royle,Bob Latchford and Duncan Ferguson all would have been ecstatic about Stonesy's header.Movement timing and power..just awesome. Tremendous team effort.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 2:38 PM 27/04/2015
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