Two Is Better Than One For Lukaku
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Romelu Lukaku prefers to play with another strike partner than on his own up front.

The Belgian International is happy when playing along side Arouna Kone.

Luka said: "There were some games where I used to play down the sides, it didn't work out for me.

"In all the games when I've played as a striker I have scored goals.

"So when the manager switched over with two strikers with Arouna, that was heaven for me because I could do whatever I wanted because there was somebody next to me who had a work ethic the same as me. It was very pleasing.

"The manager knew that if I had that type of distraction next to me on the pitch then I would much more free to score and create goals.

"Now, when you play with somebody next to you, you always know you are in a one v one situation.

"With the Europa League, it was a bit different. If we only had the Europa League then it would have been easier for us.

"We played in the Europa League and teams couldn't even touch us but we'd then go back into the league and sides who were under us would beat us.

"It shows that, in the Premier League, you can lose to anyone.

"But now you have to manage games and learn how to win in an ugly way, it is the truth.

"When you start playing in Europe and start suffering with fatigue then you need to win in an ugly way, at the end of the day you want three points, you don't want to draw playing nice football." 

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Comments about Two Is Better Than One For Lukaku
4-4-2 New 'keeper Coleman Jags Stones Garbutt/Baines Lennon Barkley McCarthy Mirallas Naismith Lukaku
Richard P, Dubai, 11:33 PM 24/04/2015
We should be seriously looking at competing for Charlie Austin if,as the media suggest,hes going to be available at the end of the seaso.
Mark, Bristol, 6:59 PM 24/04/2015
Strike partners? Your having a laugh, to be a strike partner surely you have to score.
Roy of the Rovers, Formby, 8:17 AM 24/04/2015
Barkley - for God's sake!!! Kone is a very poor joke and Naismith, for all his heart and guts is a poor football player. Rom'n'Ross'd terrify defences...
Bleu, France, 8:00 AM 24/04/2015
If Kone and Naismith are our best option for Rom's partner - then we're in a very sorry state. Is the cupboard this bare, really? Why not try Rom and Kev? They can both play football...
Blue, France, 6:20 PM 23/04/2015
Kone is the worst striker I've ever seen, his passing is poor and he doesn't seem to know where the goal is. Get rid in summer.
Garry, Merseyside , 5:08 PM 23/04/2015
Im happy for 2 up top as long as kone isn't playing
J, Liverpool , 4:04 PM 23/04/2015
I have been saying for ages that the most effective force for Everton would be a 4-4-2 system with Naismith up front alongside Lukaku
John, Wallasey, 2:59 PM 23/04/2015
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