Once Upon A Time Baines Was The Premier League Best Penalty Taker
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Once upon a time Leighton Baines was the best penalty taker in the Premier League.

Back in March 2014 Bainesy had taken 11 and had a 100% record.

He missed his first ever penalty against Man Utd in October, but still took the pens scoring against Sunderland and the FA Cup shoot out against West Ham.

Since then Bainesy has not taken one. Why? Is he too nice? Has he lost confidence?

Kevin Mirallas took one and missed against WBA and was bollocked by fans and we presume by the manager, saying Bainesy is the number one penalty taker.

Romelu Lukaku took and scored against Dynamo Kyiv, with Bainesy injured. He also took one against Newcastle when Baines played and scored.

Now Ross Barkley took one and missed on Saturday with Baines on the pitch, but Roberto Martinez has said that Lukaku is the penalty taker. Confused? You will be.

Roberto said: "Romelu is the penalty taker. After that there are three or four players who can take the penalties.

"There is no such thing as a best penalty taker. I don't agree with penalty takers being designated apart from Romelu being on the pitch.

"We have Leighton Baines who is a specialist, Gareth Barry who has an incredible record - it depends on how you feel at that moment.

"Ross showed incredible responsibility and Leighton Baines was happy to given him that responsibility."

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Comments about Once Upon A Time Baines Was The Premier League Best Penalty Taker
Why is it not possible that Baines has lost his bottle over the pens. Now that TV shows were the last pens have gone - and Baines has 2 distinct spots - the chances of saving them has increased. When he missed that one his next pen was very nearly saved - maybe he doesn't want them.
tony p, maghull, 8:41 AM 25/04/2015
Unbelievable that Baines does not take the penalties. He has missed one. If he has decided not to take them then tell everyone. To let anyone who fancies take them is stupid. We could of come unstuck against Burnley. Take charge Roberto.
George, Windsor Ontario Cnada, 1:10 PM 23/04/2015
RM's strategy for deflecting criticism from his players has worked again. Nobody is saying "what a sh*t penalty it was. The problem is that he is making himself look ridiculous in the process. #10....."wouldn't have happened under Moyes".....not a penalty, granted, but don't you remember the jela/mirallas spat over a free kick? Now Waggy would be a different matter. Maybe Rhino has told Baines, that if he breaks his pen record, he'll break his legs :)
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 11:28 AM 22/04/2015
I feel it shows there is a lack of control and managing of his players by Martinez. My doubts about him are becoming more real and its very concerning how he explains himself and the teams performances. I seem to be at a different game to him.
Woody, Old Swan, 8:17 AM 22/04/2015
Right on Brendan, cannot believe some of the rubbish that is being said from Roberto. Come on - if Leighton was fluffing penalties then yes maybe give someone else a chance, but for heavens sake keep the guy on for taking them. What would have happened if Burnley close calls had gone in, would he have still said "it's a learning curve". Come on we were not leading 10-0 but 1-0 and goal differences make a difference at the end of a season whether you are fighting relegation or qualifying for the CL. Get a grip RM and bring the players back into the fold and Manage them.
kiwi, NZ, 7:20 AM 22/04/2015
Aside from playing with fear against 10 men, this again rose the issue of control on the pitch and a game plan. Total King Edwards and sums up much of this poxy season. May be next season Tim Howard will be taking the free kicks and Bainsey will be doing his goal kicks.. It's showing we have no clear game plan...what beckons next season?
El Cid, Offshore, 8:07 PM 21/04/2015
Baines needs to be taking the penalties. Anyone who has stepped up since, has fluffed their lines. There?s something seriously wrong with Berto in all of this. Super Kev is on the bounce, as is Lukaku (let?s face it) so next season, give the duties back to Bainesy, move forwards ? er, backwards, if you will - and flush this season and all its meddling and mistakes into the drink where it belongs.
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 4:21 PM 21/04/2015
Bus driver or groundsman maybe the toffee lady tell Baines....Take the penalty everyone else do one. Or is that the manager's job?
michael, shrewsbury, 2:13 PM 21/04/2015
Okay, if the gaffer wants Lukaku as the penalty taker, fair enough. But if Leighton is not then the automatic 2nd choice, that's insane. That said, anyone being paid PL ages should be able to take pen.
Dave, Hastings, 1:18 PM 21/04/2015
Just shows what a lack of control there is at our club. If Baines is on the pitch he should take the pens no arguments. Same goes for free kicks around the box. He hasn't been first to grab the ball for these either yet is our most dangerous player in these situations. Man up Roberto and tell your team who is first choice. The way you our managing this club at the moment isnt proving you are in full control of your players!
Paul Matthews, Devon, 3:25 AM 21/04/2015
Get Baines back as the penalty taker and stop pissing about
Daz C, Stoke, 9:41 PM 20/04/2015
I find the whole issue baffling and worrying. WTF - Baines takes penalty full stop. Ross missed and it is not a great experience Roberto it is a cock up - so what ever it is in Spanish - get it into your muddled head that a team has a penalty specialist. Sometimes - in fact most times this season I despair with the manager's logic - DICK
Craig Findlater, Romsey, 8:44 PM 20/04/2015
I like Martinez and would like him to succeed at our club, last season was amazing the first time in 20 years it looked like we might be able to take the next step , no more glass ceiling. I really question Bobbys decision making / lack of it . Baines with his record on penalties , keeping Howard in goal , keeping Alcaraz on against Kiev , chasing McGeady who everyone except Bobby knew was crap . Playing people out of position , the list goes on. As I say I hope he succeeds but having serious doubts. The team / system appears to lack any direction.
Bluenoseronnie, Londonderry, 8:29 PM 20/04/2015
Perhaps we should Aaron Lennon play in goal, just because maybe he fancies himself as the next Neville Southall,What a load of tosh, the only reason Martinez says lukaku is the penalty taker is to make hise ?28m spend on lukaku look like a good decision. Baines is our best penalty taker and Martinez should have the balls to make sure he takes them.
vern, kent, 8:25 PM 20/04/2015
baines i think, has told martinez he wont be involved in any more penalties,after the mirallas took the ball off him.lukaku is not the man for penalties.about time roberto showed some guts.why change things if their not broke.we put up with enough.
peter, cheshire, 7:04 PM 20/04/2015
I agree with Brendan 1# Cant believe this dithering after super Kev missed at W Ham then Ross, we need to take our opportunities when they arise and best pen taker step forward Leighton ! All this uncertainty and arsing about would not have been allowed under David Moyes. Sort it out ! !
LES, PHUKET, 6:32 PM 20/04/2015
Reality check. Against a team who will probably be relegated, and who only had 10 men for most of the game, we struggled. The ongoing mystery of the penalty lottery is a symptom of a rudderless ship. P.S. God bless Aston Villa.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:06 PM 20/04/2015
Madness....the man is a spoofer. Baines should take the penos
Ronnie, Shrewsbury, 5:47 PM 20/04/2015
Martinez gets on my nerves with his bull, Baines is the best penalty taker in the prem, for god sake let him take the pens. Some of them players need a rollicking. Strolling round like prima donnas. Lets have some more intensity in our play. We should have buried burnley on Sat.
Steve, Formby, 5:38 PM 20/04/2015
What's Roberto saying is very weak. He would make a great politician. Just a pathetic excuse, during a pathetic season. Absolute joke innit?
Frank, Bootle, 5:28 PM 20/04/2015
"There is no such thing as a best penalty taker" Roberto your providing us all with the ammunition to refer you to Deluder's Anonymous.What an embarrassing statement to conjure,and yet i don't see a Spanish tongue in either cheek.Please check what your saying here,because it's quite worrying.Your treating vital scoring opportunities with disdain,if you want to put your managerial credentials on the line,my personal advice to you is to do it with a bit more subtlety,more Simon&Garfunkel,than Metallica,because your spouting nonsense.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 4:31 PM 20/04/2015
It seems a sign of chaos. Surely a prerequisite of a team talk will be who is marking who, who is taking corners and who is taking pens. Otherwise what is the point of having 6 coaches etc
Tess Tickle, The Muncaster Pub, Bootle, 4:29 PM 20/04/2015
It's clear lukaku wants the pens to add goals to his game as hes the "goalscorer" but It's so disrespectful to not let baines take them he's the best without a doubt. I like Martinez but I think certain players walk all over him. With Moyes we would never have these ego situations and if we did he would put the player in his place
J, Liverpool , 4:01 PM 20/04/2015
Has Martinez never heard of the old maxim, 'play to your strengths'? The man I an idiotic imbecile totally unworthy of managing our great football club. Leighton Baines is without doubt one of the finest penalty takers the Premier League has ever seen but Martinez refuses to sanction him as our most potent weapon from the penalty spot. Instead we now have the PLs worst record for mussed penalties this season. What the hell will it take to make this moron see sense? I really gave gad enough of this man. I do not want to see his smug, grinning face at my club any more.
Brian Porter , Doncaster, 3:55 PM 20/04/2015
Weak Manager............ Blues are more or less guaranteed a goal if Baines takes the pens, he is a phenomenal pen taker!!!Why would any boss not go with that? We are now the worst club in the premier league for missed pens! Also, for Roberto to say he is glad Ross missed the pen, so that he learns from it, is just an incredible piece of spin. I have given up watching his pre match press conferences, they are just the same old shit, time after time. If Roberto was the Headmaster of a school, all the kids would do exactly what they want, it would be a school without discipline.
Brendan, Hammerton, 2:04 PM 20/04/2015
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