Kevin Mirallas Needs To Play To Hit Target
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Kevin Mirallas is hoping to add to his goal tally during the next six games of the season. But you have to get minutes on the pitch to score goals. But Kev is fully fit so maybe he will get a game.

Will he play tomorrow? Lard doesn't think so.

Super Kev said: "I want to finish the season with 15 goals. In the last six games it will be difficult to score six goals, but it is possible. 

"I played only eight minutes at the Liberty Stadium but it was good after the injury. It wasn't a very bad injury but when you play a lot of games in the season, your body can feel tired. But now I am feeling happy for the rest of the season.

"I'd been working hard with the physio. I didn't go with the national team which was disappointing but now I feel really good and 100 per cent fit. I feel good for the next six games and I hope to play a lot."

 "Now it is important we win these last games at home for the fans because they support us every game. If we can win the last six games, it will help us prepare for next season."


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Comments about Kevin Mirallas Needs To Play To Hit Target
My heart says I want him to stay get his head screwed on properly and do well for the team. My head says he's a Dick Tracey
Doug, Liverpool, 10:03 PM 21/04/2015
Don't be fooled. This is nothing more than an agent/PR team inspired charm offence so prospective buyers in the summer will not see him as the mardy- arsed egomaniac he really is and try to buy him.
gada1, Warrington, 12:39 PM 19/04/2015
Like the use of the word US?!?!?! Maybe I have got it wrong about him but suspect not and goals he seeks are to raise his profile for the summer?!?! Me synical surely not!!!!!!!
Wrighty, Millau, 7:04 PM 17/04/2015
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