Barkley Needs Rest In The Summer
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Ross Barkley is currently away with the England squad along with skipper Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines.

Roberto Martinez believes Barkley should have a rest this Summer and not take part in the under-21s tournament in the Czech Republic this June.

Roberto said: "What Ross brings is the bigger the occasion, the bigger the performance and bigger the response.

"What was pleasing last Thursday night was to see the 'old' Ross getting away from people, being so threatening with his forward pass and getting his shot away with either foot.

"He hit the post with his left foot and with his right foot. I loved seeing the signs of the old Ross appearing.

"We need to look after him and make sure he has that sort of standard for the rest of the season and has a proper break in the summer.

"Do that and we will have a player completely new for next season after the experiences he has had this season." 

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Comments about Barkley Needs Rest In The Summer
Totally agree with Wrighty. With mighty wages has come mighty tosh. The best thing for Ross would be to settle on his best position. Like really really close to Rom. He is a great shooter - and they are rare. Cherish, but don't coddle. And get rid of the dead-wood around him, O PLEASE!
Bleu, France, 5:15 AM 25/03/2015
Poor lad must be knackered having to play so many games this season. We only played three games in the World Cup by the way and he didn't play in all of them.Hits the post with both feet. Better to hit the back of the net with both feet. Am I missing something? COYBB
eddieparkend, real world, 7:19 PM 24/03/2015
Ross has the potential to be one of our greatest ever players. It's up to him whether he makes it or not. This season has been bad for everybody, not just him. He will have to learn to motivate himself when things don't go well.
Spectator, Crosby, 4:47 PM 24/03/2015
I've never subscribed to this needs a rest bollocks, bus drivers, shop workers, etc work and do their football and they get the two weeks in the summer!!!! Look at what they get salary wise and they are fit and outdoors most of the year doing what they love.....why should they need a break?!?!! It's psychological brought on by the media and the excuse makers....get a grip and get in the real world and appreciate what you have compared to the rest of us mortals!!!!!!! Rant over, ......he has not fulfilled his potential this year and I'm convinced it's his head.....
Wrighty, Mazarron, 4:41 PM 24/03/2015
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