Howard Not Concerned With What Is Said
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Tim Howard believes the element of surprise has gone in the way Everton play compared to last season.

The 36 year old is only concerned at were Everton will end up at the end of the season.

Tim said: "Last year we clicked right away.

"This year teams have had time to prepare for us.

"We're not a new entity anymore. They've tried different ways to defend us.

"The reality is: This is the best team in terms of depth and quality that I've played on at Everton.

"We're focusing on being tougher, more in your face, making sure our team's in the fight. The rest will come.

"It's a long, gruelling season, and really, you're only judged at the end. It doesn't matter what gets said in between."

Is Tim right? Comment Below.

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Comments about Howard Not Concerned With What Is Said
First minute against Kiev this idiot Howard knocked a cross out to the penalty spot, the man is terrified to come off his line which just puts pressure on the defence. The manager fuck me were do Ye start, players who were relegated with Wigan 3 years ago still good enough to play for Everton? His transfer targets say it all Tom Cleverly, even if we survive and it will only be with others being worse the next couple of years under him will see a constant fight with relegation. It's up to the fans to get him out as Kenwright won't do it. Martinez talks a lot but it makes little sense.
Karl, Huyton, 12:41 AM 15/03/2015
A surprise much in the way he keeps picking fucking Howard and Barry as well as playing Barkley out wide, brain dead manager with brain dead formation that has failed numerous times this season .Martinez you are living in fkking la la land
joe, mossley hill, 7:57 PM 12/03/2015
At least once per fame our defensive midfielder loses the ball with hits full backs ahead of him = goal conceded. Tippy tippy football across the back just gives the opposition tine to re-group and reset their defence, ie Sunderland, Leicester & stoke. Other teams have figured us out and we need to be more direct more often in games, unpredictable , aggressive. Get league points on the board as the priority, not Europa league.
Ronaldo, Bristol, 6:24 PM 12/03/2015
Do your talking on the pitch and stop chatting shit like the manager.When you stop costing us points then I will listen to what you have to say.
Ged, Liverpool, 7:01 PM 11/03/2015
Keep the Europa I want points on the board starting with Newcastle.
CD, North Sea, 6:26 PM 11/03/2015
I agree David #3 but your missing one little thing. Relegation. If we win Europa and get relegated all will not be forgiven
Markblue3, Huyton, 1:29 PM 11/03/2015
"Judge at the end of the season" Sounds like he has all his eggs in the Europa basket along with the rest of us. Win that (not easy) and all is forgiven.
David, Warrington, 1:00 PM 11/03/2015
I don't count sideways football as getting in someone's face :o(
Spectator, Crosby, 12:49 PM 11/03/2015
I agree in some part to what he is saying. However, what is "surprising", is how shite our defending has been and all the individual errors that have led to us conceding so many goals.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 12:43 PM 11/03/2015
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