Howard Keeps His Everton Place
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Tim Howard has had plenty of criticism from fans and media after his poor performance against Leicester.

But the USA international has a big ally in team manager Roberto Martinez, who says he will definitely keep his place against Young Boys. 

Roberto said: "Tim is back from injury and he needs to play.

"He needs to get his match fitness and Tim is a very experienced footballer and on European nights you need to have experience.

"In moments like tomorrow we need that type of experience but in the same manner Joel Robles has shown that he is ready to help the team whenever he is needed which is great competition to have."

Who would you have in goal? Comment Below.

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Comments about Howard Keeps His Everton Place
Howard should have been dropped prior to his injury . His poor form prior to his injury consistently cost us points . His best performance was in the recent defeat to Chelsea but even then he failed to save a lame free kick . The deflection was hardly the equivalent of a Shane Warne off break . I suspect the recent frailty is due to "father time " rather than form . Even the greatest ever could not beat that opponent. West , Southall and Martyn had good judgement to rely upon when the agility went that is something that was lacking in Howards game at his peak hence he was sold to us by United.
Paul, Wirral, 7:07 PM 26/02/2015
So the manager talks about competition for the goalies spot Theres no competition If you play badly and keep your place just like other players Lets see what a few changes can do Young Boys is the perfect opportunity
Les, Wallasey, 1:15 PM 26/02/2015
Two reasons for a Robles return, Tims poor form, and why not play hin in the Europa games anyway.
Sam, Spain, 1:08 PM 26/02/2015
Virtually every team in any division has a no.1 keeper. If he gets injured/suspended, he will automatically return when available. That has, with possibly a few exceptions (Leighton/Sealey, FA Cup final), always been the case. Joel knows this. I agree with everyone, Howard has been poor this season and there has to come a time when the manager looks at resting him. Managers usually allow keepers to play to get a bad game out of their "system". Let's hope he has f**k all to do tonight. COYB
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 12:44 PM 26/02/2015
Remember this is not Tim's first poor performance. The one that sticks out for me was Place at home when , for no go reason he gave away the penalty. It is time for him to become back up
John, the Shires, 11:46 AM 26/02/2015
I always thought naively or not ,that players in form should always be selected if fit, players out of form need a rest ,kick up the backside or whatever. Having favourites creates discord within the team (especially when they are playing below standard). Anybody who has played football competitively no matter at what level knows this. Robles after a shaky star proved to grow into the role & deserved an extended run. You can see that some players are giving their all, others are just doing enough & some need a big kick up the arse & reminded what the Everton faithful expect. Roberto, start getting ruthless.
mikem, warrington, 9:12 AM 26/02/2015
It isn't good competition when one player takes his opportunity only to be dropped when the other who has been poor all season gets the nod on his return. Competition is only good if opportunities are equal. Robles all day long for me. Thanks Tim but you've had your time
T B Blue, Warwick, 8:06 AM 26/02/2015
Another ridiculous decision by Martinez, Howard on the bench for this game at the very least to give him something to think about. Joel should never have been relegated back to the bench as he did ok when called upon.
John, Australia, 12:37 AM 26/02/2015
Robles should not have been dropped after 3 clean sheets, Roberto has caused a problem (if here is one)
Billy, Winsford, 10:20 PM 25/02/2015
So wrong. Joel should have kept his place. Martinez must be best of friends with Howard.
Ronnie, Shrewsbury, 9:24 PM 25/02/2015
Robles in goal for me,the lad was getting up a head of steam,then worra yer know,Robles kicked in the rubles.It's a funny old game innit.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 7:35 PM 25/02/2015
It's not great competition to have when Robles kept 3 straight clean sheets and was dropped as soon as Howard was fit enough to play
Jay, Town, 6:31 PM 25/02/2015
Joel waits for a very long time to stake his claim as first choice keeper. After a dodgy start he grows into the role and keeps clean sheets. Howard the duck comes back and Joel`s shelved again as Howard flaps and gives 2 goals away. How must he feel and why has Howard earned his place back? Joel for me
Tommy, Huyton, 6:00 PM 25/02/2015
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