Besic Work Ethic Is Infectious
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Mo Besic has had to wait for his chance to impress this season.

The 22 year old has been on top form since getting a run in the side, but with James McCarthy ready to return, will Mo keep his place?

Roberto said: "Muhamed is still a player that is shaping up his qualities. In Germany, with Hamburg, he played in different positions. He played as a centre half and when he went to Ferencvaros that is the position that he excelled in.

"Obviously playing for Bosnia, he started to use his quality a little bit further forward in front of the back four. It transformed his position on the pitch and, since coming here, he has taken massive strides in improving his tactical awareness.

"Something he will never be short of is technical ability, ball control and his passing range. They are aspects that are fitting in well with where he is developing in our team.

"He is still very young in terms of the position he is playing so I am very much looking forward to his full development and seeing how quickly he can get to the best possible level.

"I have been impressed since the day that I first saw him. I have been very pleased. He has quite a unique character and personality.

"He wants to work every day to become the best that he can, and that is quite infectious. You see game-by-game that he is getting stronger and he is getting used to the demands of the British game. Sometimes you forget how young he is.

"Mo is a phenomenal asset to our team."


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Comments about Besic Work Ethic Is Infectious
@Paul-10 - I have to agree with what you say there. Fucked up state of affairs really isn't it!
Oscar, Crosby, 6:36 AM 28/01/2015
I have no problem with the P word but it should be used more sparingly, urinate sounds much better ! That said Roberto is eloquent in his English and i am jealous but maybe its the "drinking too much Chang effect?" And it least we do not need the expense of a translator as the case with most English managed clubs !!. Onto Besic, a great signing and will become a real fans favourite, he appears very focussed and determined, El Bob will have to watch his step as the faithful have already voiced their disapproval at his substitution in favour of Barry, I think he will get the message soon or be in trouble. Barry should be Besics substitute not the other way around. Yes Mo is still finding his way around the Prem but substitutions when he is playing well and giving his all only confuse and can demotivate a players. I am drooling at the prospect of us having a Ross,Mac,Mo midfield in the future if they reach their potential A the holy trinity mk2 ?
LES, PHUKET, 5:25 AM 28/01/2015
The "phenomenal" bullshit emanating from RM's gob is not confined to that or any other particular word. Everything he says is the opposite of what everyone, and I mean everyone, sees week after week, month after month this season. I really hope we beat Palace but I am sure that if anyone asked Pardew which team he'd most like to face next he, and everyone else in the relegation shuffle, would choose us because the results show us to be a soft touch.
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 12:39 AM 28/01/2015
How about 'Incredible' ?
Balcony Blue, Maghull, 7:09 PM 27/01/2015
I fear the constant criticism and sarcasm with regard to the manager's use of English on various websites could be perceived by some to be quite xenophobic .The use of words is a reflection of how the person has been taught to speak the language rather than themselves. I find the constant stick the manager gets for using the word " phenomenal" just not constructive or funny. If we constrain are criticism to the teams performance rather than the personal traits of the manager then we will be regarded as fair and taken more seriously.
Paul, Wirral, 7:06 PM 27/01/2015
He looks a fairly natural defensive midfielder to me...loves a tackle and a good passer. He's 5ft 10, so I wouldn't rush to play him at CB in all honesty, unless it's Tony Cottee and Peter Beardsley up front, maybe with Mo Johnston from the bench...
Jon, Leeds, 7:01 PM 27/01/2015
Obviously its sounding like if McCarthy is fit for Palace then Besic will be dropped. How bad does Barry have to be before he gets dropped!! He must have a picture of of El Bob with his piece of fluff or something, its beyond a joke now. Barry has been a good player and for the first half of last season he did a good job for us but surely even El bob can see that McCarthy and Besic are a far better option.
Bri_g, Waterloo, 5:51 PM 27/01/2015
Brenden Rogered uses "outstanding" every interview. Give the guy a break, after all, remember he is Spanish and speaks English very eloquently IMHO (probably better than Rogered for that matter). We could have Poyet and I can't understand a f**king word he says. Pellegrini, Pochettino, Van Gaal and even the tabloid darling Mourinho can't get anywhere near RM. In fact, can you name a EPL manager who speaks better English? Monk or Hughes or Pulis? Pardew/Rednapp's English is awful, Allardyce talks with a gob full of gum (or is it shit), Pearson hardly talks, Bruce talks Geordie (not English) and Koeman talks double Dutch.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 4:58 PM 27/01/2015
PHENOMENAL. Yes, not to mention ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. Words are so cheap, particularly when their true meanings are totally lost by crass, thoughtless overuse.
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 4:25 PM 27/01/2015
In short...."will not take Barry's place and be dropped when McCarthy is back!"
Gedi, Somewhere I wish I........., 3:51 PM 27/01/2015
Least he never called him a diamond
John , Liverpool, 3:20 PM 27/01/2015
I wish he would find a new word quickly. Also I think Besic should play instead of Barry who is too slow
Arthur, Perth Australia, 3:01 PM 27/01/2015
You beat me to it! He needs to find another word...
James McCarthy, London, 2:49 PM 27/01/2015
For God sake somebody tell Bob to stop using the word 'Phenomenal' Everything and everyone is PHENOMENAL !!!!
Stevo69, Formby, 1:01 PM 27/01/2015
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