Besic - One Bad Loser
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Muhamed Besic will be closed up for a few days after Bosnia and Herzegovina were beaten 2-1 by Cyprus in the Euro's last night.

The 21 year old has told local press in Bosnia that he is one bad loser. 

Mo said: "When I lose a match, I close myself up in the house for two days or so.

"I have my father, my mother, my brother, and my girlfriend. That's where my circle closes. Friends? 

"I don't really have them or need them. I may get an occasional cup of coffee with someone but that's about it. My private life is my sanctuary."

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Comments about Besic - One Bad Loser
Blue Nick- Loser is spelled with one "o" mate.
Cazcoigne, Liverpool, 12:29 AM 12/09/2014
Show me a good looser and I will show you a LOOSER
Blue Nick, The Street End, 5:54 PM 10/09/2014
After 'that' back pass it's a wonder he came out of his house to play the international.. Still got a good feeling about this guy tho.
Jonny esp, Cheshire, 5:03 PM 10/09/2014
Love it. Reidy was a bad loser as well. Every good team needs one to drive the team when the going gets tough.
coop, Litherland , 3:25 PM 10/09/2014
Sounds like a ray of sunshine does Besic.
Pablobrown, Liverpool, 2:59 PM 10/09/2014
Nothing but the Bes! :)
Blueinjapan, Japan, 2:39 PM 10/09/2014
I like this boy already ! ! we want winners at Everton, those who will give their all, and i think we have a star in the making. I am sure with age and maturity he will know how to handle himself but when it hurts then its not a bad thing. I see the future, i see Mo and Jimmy Mac likened to a wolfpack in midfield and i am excited !
LES, PHUKET, 2:18 PM 10/09/2014
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