Was Moyesy Poached By Manure?
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Sir Whiskey Nose released yet another autobiography yesterday (apparently you get to the last page then suddenly another six pages are added!) and he has confirmed what we all thought - Moyes was touted by Manure late last year.

SWN says he told Moyesy not to sign a new contract for Everton (saving Manure a few million quid) as there may be 'a big club' waiting for his services!

As we know Moyes, then went on to replace the lover of malt at Old Trafford, the tale goes that Moyes contacted the 71-year-old in February to ask him whether he thought he should sign a new long-term deal at Everton.(Why would he do that?)

Sir Whiskey Nose said: He (Moyes) phoned me around February for some advice about his contract, they were pushing him to sign a new contract."

"I knew in myself I was going to retire, so I'm thinking if he signed a contract it would be more difficult for us. I said to him you've had 10 years there that's long enough, you'll get a bigger club."

"I kept phoning him to make sure he wasn't going to sign a new contract."

"We had to wait until the league was decided, once the league was decided I got David over to the house and I think he thought we were going to talk about his contract again, but I said look I want you to take over."

Moyes was appointed on May 9th 2013. And has struggled ever since!

What a carve up! Isn't this illegal poaching? (Careful to say that Moyes approached SWN). Yet he kept contacting Moyes to make sure he had not signed a contract as that would have cost them a packet. Even if you are glad Moyesy has gone, this still stinks!

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Comments about Was Moyesy Poached By Manure?
We knew Moyes would go at some point but to me it's the lack of respect over the Baines and Fellani transfer that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We have benefited long term because we have Martinez. Man Utd fans will get bored with his defensive football and he will soon be on his way out
Chris Perez, London, 12:41 PM 31/10/2013
Moyes took Everton so far and didn't have the acumen or ability to push on a la Dortmund in Germany...always too close to Ferguson for any Everton fans liking..we don't owe him any favours so let's not sell him any players to help his cause in future...Fergie back by March?
Irish toffee, Tipperary, 6:57 PM 28/10/2013
Did anyone honestly think he wasn't poached in the first place. We all knew deep down what was going on in January, when he refused to answer questions regarding his contract. You have to admire his balls for taking the job though. I mean, what will he have to do to be considered a "success" at Man U? I was a bit disappointed in his actions when he tried to get Baines on the cheap as part of the Fellaini deal. I thought that was totally disrespectful to Kenwright, the club and the fans. Considering the amount of players he's had poached from him whilst at Everton. But, we have to remember the job he done at our club and the stability he helped bring during his reign. 11 years is a long time to be at a Premier League club so he was loyal to us as well. Now, hopefully, Martinez can build on the decent foundations set by Moyes. We all knew he was gone atthe turn of the year, so let's not be bitter about it. He's having a bit of a rough time at the minute and if he can't turn it round then maybe he'll wish he was back in the warmth and comfort of Goodison. He done alright for us, so we shouldn't hold grudges. Just look forward.
Warren, Croxteth Park, 12:40 PM 27/10/2013
Van Persie (to name but one) has had an all mighty titty lip about Mo's training regime for a while now (Less ball work and more jogging round the pitch until someone pulls something probably) Baines, careful what you wish for!
Frank Lea, Speke King St, 10:08 PM 26/10/2013
Self Vested Interest. DM is a Sweatty of low reknown. he steadied our own ship, but remained in that frame of mind. He continues at manure in the same frame of mind, defensive. But his defense is utterly shite- he needs our boys. I hope he is rewarded with the 9-10-Jack, and goes home.......and Wayne comes home, before he has too much hair to head the ball home.
Gerard D'Wonderful, Melbourne, 5:43 AM 26/10/2013
Yes he's a total tit, but one good thing to come out of it were now paying to watch good decent flowing football. Not the defensive shite he had us playing that bored the life out of me. Long live el bob and f#ck moyes. He will be back at Preston were he belongs soon anyway ( the arse licking tosser). COYB............
Lee, Bootle, 12:27 AM 26/10/2013
In 10 years time when anybody looks at this clubs achievements, the only cherished managers will be Catterick, Kendall, Royle and hopefully Martinez. The last 10 years will be irrelvant.
Mike B, Surrey, 11:14 PM 25/10/2013
This is old news! They have been "friends" for years. Moyes knew in November when he was first asked to sign a new contract. SWN did not decide to retire without having a replacement sorted. I don' believe a word the lying twat says. Moyes will be getting an OBE (out before Easter)
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 4:36 PM 25/10/2013
Moyes did steady the ship, but look at the down points. Lowest points ever with 39. Lowest goals scored ever in a season. The worst signing ever! Beattie, Van der meye etc etc. The worst point of all won fuck all!
jay, mersyside, 4:30 PM 25/10/2013
I think karma's a bitch and he's her next customer, so sit back and enjoy the show! The Ging's arse will be in a sling before the season's out if the Mank fans have anything to do with it!
Doug, Liverpool, 8:59 PM 24/10/2013
Moyes spent 11 years trying to get Everton above Manure, and now he has finally succeeded.
Ger, Ireland, 5:26 PM 24/10/2013
Pretty sure this has been dealt with behind closed doors. There was a story a while ago about the Everton top brass being fuming about the whole thing and only decided against reporting Utd after a meeting with their people. Maybe a pay-off or some kind of favourable first dibs on unwanted UTD players was offered. Can see much point in pursuing it, but it does shit all over Moyes' "Im a man of honour" talk 2 faced snake!
huge goose, broadmoor, 11:58 AM 24/10/2013
Reflects very badly on David Moyes. But he's with them now so I don't much care about him any more. Our fans did the decent thing and gave him a good send off and the club gave him his big break, we all did our bit. But I wouldn't boo him or anything, I'd just ignore him on his return. After this revelation I couldn't care what he does at Man U. He's the past, Martinez is the future.
Paul, Warrington, 10:33 AM 24/10/2013
it was a done deal for months and Fergies book proves this fact - all very cosy. Moyes's dealing with efc over Fellani and Baines transfers shows the lack of respect and values to our club. Thought he had some integrity. I see there is 'moyes out' website for united fans already set up!! I give him 2 years at united if he does not win anything. Martinez is the future now.
peawack, cheshire, 10:16 AM 24/10/2013
Everyone locally knew deep down that DM was looking to leave, sadly and I mean this, he is no different - he should have admitted it and come clean, but he knew that he would not get the send off he did. I suspect he will not get a "welcome" when he returns in April with his knew club, I suspect Bill K is gutted, but he is a gentleman is BK and sadly DM has not been truthful during that time. DM has lost my respect and I suspect Bills too as well as all Evertonians.
Ann, NZ, 9:52 AM 24/10/2013
Sir Alex has a history of unsettling wouldbe transfer targets, this time i am glad he did. Don't get me wrong i admire Moyes for taking us from 16th to 6th on average each season, but Utd are now seeing the positive negative man in action, we could have won so many more games under El Bob, but Utd can have our share of draws now.
LES, PHUKET, 9:01 AM 24/10/2013
Number ten and eleven I agree totally. Why do people say "I thank Moyes for what he done for us"? He did fuck all for us and was payed handsomely. I said till I was blue in the face Fergie told him not to sign a new contract so utd didn't pay us compo. I've always known it without getting told it.
andy, garston, 6:56 PM 23/10/2013
Credit to the players for still performing. Can we now take the Mancs to the FA after all they have been dammed from there own mouths?
gaz, deeside, 6:24 PM 23/10/2013
Who's arsed? Moyes has gone (thank fcuk). I for one am loving the way he's getting found out at O.T. I think he'll be coming back for Baines in January if he ain't been fooked off. It's funny how it all comes out eventually. A man of integrity? My arse, the manc's have sussed him after 8 games,no way he'll be getting 11 trophyless years there. Tosser.
daz.m, st.helens, 5:46 PM 23/10/2013
Man Utd's behaviour throughout this episode was appalling as was that of Moyes. We lost the manager, the captain and practically the entire backroom staff (good riddance IMO). Moyes was then applauded from the field on the final day. I for one was repulsed, all anybody seemed to be bothered about was the f****** badge. Now SWN as much as admits he poached our employee ! Nothing will happen anyway as regards punishment. Just get behind the new man and look forward to a new era. I will reserve my fury for the of the Red Drivel.
200mpg, Southport, 5:13 PM 23/10/2013
one word 'GOBSHITE'
MAD CAT, E/PORT, 4:51 PM 23/10/2013
I'm not that bothered now. If they were ahead by 6 points and we were struggling then yes,but...... Also in this bit of literature is apparently a vignette, of Blue Bill weeping because he had to sell the boy wonder Wayne Rooney. Says more about class that Bill should feel that emotion at having to sell the best young prospect of a generation,than it doe SWN for ever mentioning it.
Win, Stafford, 4:37 PM 23/10/2013
Proof if ever needed that Moyes is a 'Yes Man' a shit house and an arse licker
Graham, Liverpool, 4:22 PM 23/10/2013
He's treated our great club with nothing but contempt and you's are still calling him moysie like its some kind of endearment. He's a rat nothing more nothing less. But a rat that'll be unemployed soon if them lads up the East Lancs have their way, because believe me even this early the vultures are already circling
Cods head , Walton, 4:22 PM 23/10/2013
They deserve each other.
Big T, Prenton, 3:14 PM 23/10/2013
I just hope lot's of people read this, and remember to give him the proper reception he fully deserves when he returns next April, The ovation he got at Goodison after his last game in charge still makes me want to vomit! With a bit of luck he will be sacked before April, I think he is now being found out just how "Good" (Crap) he really is/was!
Peter b, Walton , 2:33 PM 23/10/2013
Football is an extremely shady business run by men in suits with lots of money. This kind of thing happens all the time so I am not surprised Moyes got involved in it - just disappointed with the man, who I thought had more morals. From the top of FIFA, through UEFA to our very own FA dodgy deals are made everywhere. These people are ruining the game as we remember it.
alpha1, England, 2:32 PM 23/10/2013
As clear a case of poaching as you will hear. The Mancs are caught bang to rights. If they can squirm out of it on a technical legality, then Ferguson can't. If we can't sue the Mancs we should sue Ferguson. I never did believe this blew up in just a few days at the end of the season and this confirms it. More than that it looks like Moyes went fishing in the first place and Ferguson took full advantage. If Ferguson's story is true Moyes has completely lost my respect, despite what he did for us, I thought he had more integrity than this.
Spectator, Crosby, 2:26 PM 23/10/2013
You waited until the title was done & dusted, but allowed DM to create uncertainty at Goodison. Now remind me, how many points were we adrift of European qualification last year, as a fantastic start slowly fizzled out?
Marco, Bury St Edmunds, 1:43 PM 23/10/2013
Ha ha SWN The Exorcist! I don't know about anyone else but I still think SWN is a saint for performing the exorcism on Everton! (Closet Evertonian maybe)? Too bad he can't do the same on a few of our board members starting with No Bob Earl! Sorry! This story alone is proof that we're well shot of him! Thanks Sir Alex! You gave us the best possible gift we could have ever hoped!
Frank Lea, Speke king street, 1:35 PM 23/10/2013
Not really bothered now, but it just goes to show how much of a puppet Moyes is. Always needs someone to make decisions for him. He needn't worry though he will be Sunderlands next manager
John, st.helens, 1:20 PM 23/10/2013
This is beyond a shadow of a doubt poaching. There was never any doubt of that. But rather than bitch and moan about it we should do what we always do and that is be the better club. We have moved on and are doing our own thing. Thanks Moyes for all you did. We now have Martinez who reshaping the club on top of foundations set by Moyes and we are doing well. I say more fool Moyes for not being your own man and wanting to build your own team, your own club, your own empire and choosing to sit on someone elses throne. Yes ManUre are a massive club, but that is only since the Premier League began. Prior to that they were just another sleeping giant who had done next to nothing for 26 years. We are a massive club and have been slumbering for too long. Moyes could have woken us up, he chose tojust give us a little shake. Hopefully Martinez is theman to get us out of bed!
Rico, Goodison, 12:27 PM 23/10/2013
Unfortunately United are a bigger club than Everton but just have patience a thing us Evertonians have in abundance and we will have the last laugh I promise you!!
Ezza, Derby, 12:09 PM 23/10/2013
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