Is Marouane Fellaini Really Better Off At Manure?
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Your heart will bleed when you hear this one!

Marouane Fellaini gave up £4m to join Manchester United!!

Screech agreed to sacrifice £4 million to ensure his move from Everton to Manure went through.

Manure insist they have paid Everton no more than the £23.5m release clause that was in Fellaini's contract - a clause that expired at the end of July - but Everton say the deal is worth £27.5m. The difference is understood to be Fellaini's own cash sacrifice.

By submitting a written transfer request on deadline day Fellaini has forfeited about £4m in loyalty bonuses that would have been due on the two years remaining on his Everton contract. That has allowed Everton to declare the deal as being worth £27.5m to them.

Fellaini will make up for his lost bonuses over the course of the four-year contract he has signed at United, which has seen his wages jump by £50,000-a-week to £125,000-a-week.

Fellaini said: "I am (skint - no he didn't) thrilled to sign for Manchester United. I have known the manager for many years and I have a lot of respect for his way of working. When I was given the opportunity to work with him again, I jumped at the chance."

"I had a fantastic time at Everton and I'd like to thank all the fans and staff there for everything they have done for me."

"But being a Manchester United player is something that every player dreams of and I believe that I can make a real contribution to the team's efforts to win trophies in the future."

Moving up to £125k a week should ease the thought of the £4m he never had!




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Comments about Is Marouane Fellaini Really Better Off At Manure?
No Marouane, Leighton Baines does not dream of playing for Man U. He dreams of playing for Everton. NSNO!
Tim.G, A in M, 6:34 PM 5/09/2013
As I see it, it's only money he should have payed back to the club for his shite performances when he sulked around the pitch far too often. He should have distributed round the ground to fans who poured money into his arse pocket as a way of saying sorry. Him and Moyes will fail. You just watch.
andy, garston, 2:18 PM 5/09/2013
I agree with no 1. He'll be back when things go pear shaped at manure.
Paul , Oz, 10:31 AM 5/09/2013
If we can stray from the Mo debate for just a minute, I'd just like to remind all Yank, Ausie, Brit and Cyberspace Evertonians a like (a like a lotta xD) that Felli did us a whopper of a favour and we all should be thankful he played ball with both Bill and Mo to make the deal happen! £4m smackers is something you don't say no to,l too many times in our lives! And there's no guarantee in football! And less we forget, he extended his contract a few more years for us not to get shafted any more than we normally do (Spurs rings a bell)! Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Poodle Head! You did us proud from the start to the finish! Elbows warts Headbuts and all!
Doug, Liverpool, 6:58 PM 4/09/2013
@ No. 4, Gary?? Are you for real, get off Moyes back?? Get off your high horse!!! Why dont you just follow him to United!! I for one believe Moyes has undone all the good work he did over the last 11 years with his conduct towards the end of his contract and his conduct this transfer window!! Would you be saying the same if we took the 26 mill he offered for Baines AND fellini?? Why dont you just marry him!!
Gareth, Toronto, 2:03 PM 4/09/2013
This is as bad as when some RS fans really believed that Dogleash refused to take £8m in compensation when he got sacked and said "keep it for transfers" #KopiteBehaviour Mugs
Mike , Wallasey, 1:08 PM 4/09/2013
This really is a non-story published by the Daily Express. The difference in the quoted figures is the VAT Man Utd must pay on the £23.5m. On the issue of 'loyalty' payments apparently due because there's 2 years to go on a contract; how absurd is that when a player makes it perfectly clear, short of formally asking for a transfer, that he wants to leave? Full marks to Everton for insisting he made that request. The next job for Blue Bill is to get Baines and Barkley secured on long term contracts.
Bill, Huyton, 11:59 AM 4/09/2013
Passion and loyalty are for the fans. All you can ask of the professionals is that they they give 100% when at the club, which Felli always did, so good luck lad. Btw same could be said of Moyes. Nobody bitched when he bought Cahill, Pienaar and Arteta for 6 mill for the lot and charged City about twice as much as he was worth for Lescott. So get off his back. It's his job to do the same for United now.
Gary, Culcheth , 11:43 AM 4/09/2013
If you believe he gave up £4 million you'll believe in Father Christmas. I bet the mancs had to pay him that as a signing on fee only after he promised to put in a transfer request. He fools nobody but himself.
Macca, Huyton, 10:57 AM 4/09/2013
I think this was a good deal all round. We got good value from him over the years and some great times in the memory banks. The player got his move and we got a good return of new players. I wish him well except when playing against us. I'm excited by the new signing which he has made possible, so thanks for that!
Allan, Amsterdam, 10:14 AM 4/09/2013
£23.5m or £27.5m - great bit of business by the blues. Felli is a great potential but for the majority of his game he is work shy. Give me a Tim Cahill in his prime over a Felli in his prime any day of the week. Wish him well, but think we're better off without him. Here's hoping Gareth Barry has learned how to put a shift in.
Mark James, Leeds, 10:11 AM 4/09/2013
GREED..............Lescott all over again i believe, buy him back in 2 years for 7 mil haha
Andrew Hurst, Abu Dhabi, 10:06 AM 4/09/2013
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