Moyesy Explains Big Dunc Spat
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So the Moyesy/Big Dunc saga starting in 2006 goes something like this:

 - Moyes refuses to offer Big Dunc a new contract
 - Big Dunc storms out refusing to shake hands
 - Big Duncs Everton career is over and he heads off to Majorca
 - 2011 Big Dunc buries the hatchet (bet he would have liked to back in 2006) and goes to see Moyesy
 - Moyesy accepts the olive branch and they shake and make up
 - Big Dunc returns as Youth Team Coach

Speaking as a guest at the Cambridge University Union on Monday night, Moyesy revealed the pair went five years without speaking after the retiring and how Big Dunc refused to shake hands following his final Everton appearance in 2006. 
Moyesy said: "Duncan and I fell out at the end and he chose not to shake my hand when he left."

"The story goes that Duncan went away into exile for five years. We'd seen each other the odd time but there were no pleasantries."
"I then got a phone call from him and he asked to come and see me. He walked in and said that he regretted every day for five years that he didn't shake my hand, so we made up."

"He is a changed man, works at Everton day and night and has become a pro licensed coach. I will always remember the change in the man. I have always admired the player but as a man he has turned himself around and is now fantastic."
"Duncan was an awesome centre forward. I played against him when he was at Dundee United as a youngster and eventually he was playing under me at Everton. We beat Manchester United 1-0 in 2005 and Duncan scored the goal and he was fantastic around that time."

We're glad the big man came back and maybe he will manage The Toffee's one day? 

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Comments about Moyesy Explains Big Dunc Spat
What a lot of people forget is we haven't got big funds to go and poach and buy out another managers contract so unless we get Rafa we will have to get someone from the club already like it or not I couldn't give a shit but Big Dunc is the only one with he presence to stop Moyes coming back to take the best of the crop at the club. As soon as Moyes announced he was going to be a manc he should have had his Taxi ordered. Everton Forever Chris Simpson.
chris simpson, liverpool, 11:45 AM 19/05/2013
Kevin #5. Perhaps harsh wording but at heart true. Duncan is not and probably never will be the man to manage Everton. Thanks for the memories though.
Max, Sydney, 7:04 AM 18/05/2013
Duncan ferguson thought he could live off his money then got bored, wanted a way back in football and realised the only way was through everton i.e Moyes, had to kiss an make up. People want him as manager for what traits has he shown?? Great passing football teams he was involved in? His enthusiasm week in week out??? Being able to keep a level head?? The way he deals with the media?? His current managing career?? His great work with the kids?? Oh yeah he's Duncan Ferguson who we all loved, equals great manager. Everton fans embarrass themselves at times
Kevin, L15, 7:58 PM 16/05/2013
No True Blue could doubt, that Duncan Ferguson is a great choice to take over at Goodison. The man is a "Fucking Treasure". Every Great Manager starts somewhere and lets face it, He has Blue running through every sinue, and he is inheriting a great group of players who would give him respect. It is a total no brainer, even his pigeons make sure they get back on time when he tells em. Please Mr Kenwright, his staff are already there, Sheedy, Stubbs, Weir, Chris Woods. so get him in before the Chelsea Game, so thst we can welcome him, and parade him for the press
baz, warwick, 7:29 PM 16/05/2013
Pau #1l,we could hire either of your two suggestions,but the sanatogen bill and altzheimers watch would be prohibitively expensive.
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 2:18 PM 16/05/2013
My biggest concern is not who we get but who they'll want to replace in the backroom staff. would be a travesty if the likes of Sheeds, stubbs and dunc were forced to leave. all legends in my eyes and quite obviously an integral part of our club now. would be a shame if new guy replaced them with all his own staff who have no idea about our history and the way the club is run. fingers crossed that whoever it is decides to keep our old lads here because i honestly think one of them will be Everton manager in the future. (Dunc i think). NSNO
Brummieblue, ex tue brook, 10:55 AM 16/05/2013
Make his assistant to whoever comes in. Try and find a really experienced manager who has actually won stuff, easier said than done I admit but surely still achievable for us. Am I mad to suggest Joe Royle?! What is Gus Hiddink doing these days? I'd also keep Stubbsy at reserve manager.
Paul, Bacup, 8:56 AM 16/05/2013
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