Tolis Finding His Feet
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I think all Evertonians know we have got a player on our hands. There is even a chance of Apostolos Vellios could make the Euro 2012 squad for the full Greek side

Still only 19 the Everton coaching team are doing really well with him

Steve Roundabout said:  "He's got a habit of doing that now, the big fella. He's coming on leaps and bounds. It's still early for him yet and I think people have to realise that the boy's 19, he's just finding his feet but as each week goes by he's working hard.

"He's getting a little bit better and if he keeps the progress that he's making up then he's going to be a really good player for Everton in the future." 

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Comments about Tolis Finding His Feet
Possible legend in the making and he couldn't be in better hands. An oh ye! How much?
Brucey, Litherland, 8:48 PM 3/12/2011
He is definetly one for the future, I know a good player when I see one and can be good for Everton. He has a great awareness to be in the right positions, a good touch and that is what you need in a striker, seems a good one, but it's best not to put pressure on him just yet as he could peak early and get injured, fizzle out, he is only young so it is best to use him off the bench for now.
Maz, Merseyside, 4:22 PM 3/12/2011
'Duncan, Duncan Vellios... Duncan, Duncan Vellios! When i heard he was being coached by big yin i had a smile as big as the anfield wage bill. Bring him on gently Dunc.. Give us our big number 9 back!
Pete, Tuebrook, 10:17 PM 2/12/2011
Well said Steve from pool. He reminds me of Graeme Sharp when he first came on the scene. He was very good at holding up the ball but when we started getting him to attack the goal he started to come good. I think Vellios is starting to realise he has goals in him but needs to be brought on and if we do that he will be a cracking player. We have the problem of keeping other better fnanced teams away.
GRAHAM LLOYD, West Kirby, 2:10 PM 2/12/2011
Let's not get over-excited. Starting him regularly would ruin him now and he's not ready anyway. I'm not having a go at him. I think he's a great prospect but if you watch him play and not just remember the 3 goals you'll see he's not ready to start. I enjoy having him on the bench and know we've got a good option there.
Steve, Liverpool, 10:30 AM 2/12/2011
100% class. Come on Davey give him a start. I think king Louis would be far better as an impact sub coming off the bench with 20 mins to go! coyb
BIG KEV, Everton, 9:28 AM 2/12/2011
Don't think he's ready for 90 minutes yet. I hope Dunc's coaching improves his touch.
Paul, Warrington, 10:21 PM 1/12/2011
Not if we keep playing 4-5-1 he has !!!!!
Lawrence kelly, Uttoxeter, 10:21 PM 1/12/2011
If he keeps working hard and improving, give him the number 9 next year. Especially with big Dunc looking after him. He's his natural successor.
Stevo, Liverpool, 10:17 PM 1/12/2011
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