I Loved You Mikel
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Well he's gone to Arsenal and we've got £10m for him, but I'm gutted.

I know Mikel Arteta hasn't played well for a couple of seasons after his bad injury and I think we have seen the best of him. I absolutely loved Mikel. He was a great player for us when he was on top of his game.

We had many discussions in the boozer about him being in people's best all time 11. I always said that he would get in the famous 1985 side. He was that good. I wish Mikky all the best in the future. I'd better stop now, I'm filling up

Mikky said: "It is a big opportunity for me and my family and I think it is the right time for me to take it."

It is a big challenge, a different challenge, fresh for me and I want to see myself on the biggest stage, the Champions League.

"I am 29 years old so I haven't got much time left to take a chance like this one. I think I have done my best for Everton.

"I always try hard, I have been as professional as I could and I was grateful for the support and the love that the club and the fans showed me."

"It is very difficult to say goodbye. I still can't believe it but at the same time I think it is the right moment for everyone. That is the way football is, there is always a start and an end and today is the end of probably the best time of my career. I am never going to forget it."

Moyesy said: "Mikel indicated to me that he wished to join Arsenal if a bid came in.

"I am very disappointed to lose him but the prospect of Champions League football was something I wasn't able to offer him."

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Comments about I Loved You Mikel
Yes I shall miss him, but if he wants to go, there's no point in keeping him. As we all know contracts mean nothing in football. I wish him well but I feel it`s a good bit of business, providing Moyes gets the money. COYB
Kev F, Lake Louise Canada, 3:27 AM 7/09/2011
Mikel Arteta would not have got anywhere near our Eighty Five team, he is nowhere near strong enough to have taken the knocks. He would have spent more time in the treatment room than ever. A good player who gave us decent service, but 10 mil off the debts keeps us dreaming for another season. Cheers Mik (see ya in The Master's in a couple of years)
Baz, Warwick, 3:15 PM 4/09/2011
He had his time at Everton and the last game I can remember him truly bossing it was Hull City at home, had a decent game against toon away last season but his corners and free kicks were shocking. The vast majority of us wanted Bainesy to take the pen last week, says it all. I also wasn't happy to read he knew of Arsenal's interest 2 days earlier, so why not ask for the transfer then? In my eyes not the acts of a best little Spaniard ...
Ian, Kirkby, 10:58 AM 4/09/2011
Am proper gutted he's gone but you have to look at the situation now. 75,000 a week (ish) he was on so tha'ts just under 4mil a year saved just on him leaving. Add in the Yak and Beckford. Surely that's enough to get us turning a profit again?
Matt, Litherland, 7:28 AM 4/09/2011
It was good business. He's 29, his legs are going and apart from linking up play and scoring the odd goal lately he was becoming a luxury. Two years ago he was class and we have had the best from him. Good luck to him, but it's time to move on!
Mal, St.Helens, 9:40 PM 3/09/2011
Gutted. Class act on and off the pitch, but it's always been likely and it will be likely for any our best players unless we get investment. Yes the Toon injury took a lot out of him and he was never the same. The situation now means we all must pull ranks and unite, we must survive, this club is bigger than any player. God Bless Tater and Good Luck.
El Cid, Offshore, 8:28 PM 3/09/2011
All the best Mikel. Good luck at the Arse and hope the move was worth it. You will always be an Evertonian.
Evo, Abingdon, 5:15 PM 3/09/2011
Don't know if we'll miss him or not. Only time will tell.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 4:46 PM 3/09/2011
Gutted he's gone but I think we got his best years. Such a shame he suffered that terrible injury against Newcastle, never quite got back to that kind of form on his return. Wish him all the best at Arsenal and hopefully we give him a great reception when he returns. There's a big difference between this departure and Rooney's. Mikky gave us 6 years and left us when he was coming up to 30 and he's said all the right things and appreciates this club. He didnt go for the money or anything, just wanted one more chance to play in the Champions League. Rooney done it smuggly and without giving us a chance. All the best mikky lad, gone but never forgotten.
Phil , Aigburth, 4:39 PM 3/09/2011
Mikel Arteta, A good man, a great servant to the best club in the land and a great player. Mikel you were a joy to watch and gave us some great memories. Hope all works out well for you at Arsenal. You will always be welcome back. Now Come On You Blues and give Moyesy and BK the backing to take our Great club onto better times. PS. Good Luck to the YAK & Becks.
Paddy, Wigan, 3:46 PM 3/09/2011
Will be missed Mikel. You'll be welcomed back always. Just hope Wenger can see you out on the wing...he usually can't see that far.
Meagho, Huyton, 2:22 PM 3/09/2011
One word - GUTTED!! Wish he'd gone to a Spanish team, then it wouldn't seem so bad. It will be horrible watching him on the telly playing for those cockney goons and even more sad when he returns to Goodison later in the season wearing red of all colours. Great lad, great player. Will be highly missed, but like "the best little Spaniard we know" we must move on...Good luck Mikel (boo hoo).
Drew, Childwall, 2:00 PM 3/09/2011
Follow, follow, follow, Everton is the team to follow...'cause Ross Barkley is better than Mikel Arteta...he's the best little Scouser we know......
Paul P, Liverpool, 1:52 PM 3/09/2011
GUTTED HES GONE. But I remember the last player that we sold to Arsenal for 10mil....look what happened to him.
Paul P, Liverpool, 1:49 PM 3/09/2011
A great footballer and one of the best I've seen. I hope he does well at the Gooners (except when they play us) but I fear his best days are behind him and that's why he took this last opportunity. I hope he's in the Arsenal team when we play them because he'll get an unforgettable reception at Goodison. Thanks for eveything Mikky, a true star and an exceptional human being. Good luck to you and your family.
Spectator, Crosby, 1:42 PM 3/09/2011
Good luck Mikky. I am glad we got to see you grace Goodison park. "Until your injuries you where a joy to watch". I think you gave us your best years and will be first to applaud you when you return to Goodison.
Bluebee, Somerset, 12:17 PM 3/09/2011
Just read all the comments about Mikey and I am welling up. He's been a great servant to the club and I wish him well. Hopefully now we can move on build the team around the youngsters and get some real investment to take our great club forward. The transfer window has shut. The banks are placated. Fellaini, Jags and Baines are still here. two loan signings don't look too bad. Rodwell and Barkley can shine. Now all we need is BK to find .............
Simon , Devon, 11:53 AM 3/09/2011
I hope your corners and freekicks continue to be woeful and your goal return poor, but otherwise we wish you all the best Mikel. xxx
Russ J , St End, 10:59 AM 3/09/2011
I really hope that at some point during the home match v Arsenal everyone breaks into the 'Follow follow follow' song. Think a few tears will be shed if that happens. I love you Mikel!!!!!
Nik, Luton, 10:17 AM 3/09/2011
Glad to see we do things with class at Everton. Yes I'm gutted he's gone, but Good Luck Mikel. I think its a great move for everybody and we are blessed with some quality in the midfield area. Time for the youngsters to shine and for Felli to sign a new deal. Let's get behind Moyes, Bill and the team. After all we are where we are. I'm sure in the not to distant future we will be able to compete properly in the transfer market. COYB.
Gary Coppell, North Wales, 9:39 AM 3/09/2011
To be honest, reading all this makes you even prouder to be a blue. Genuine respect for a good servant to the club, dignity in adversity, I always say all the best people are Evertonians. And to be honest Mikky's best years are behind him but all the best anyway.
Mike Craig, Great Sutton, 9:19 AM 3/09/2011
Mikel has been a credit to the club for the last six and a half years. It's been a pleasure to have him here, but I think it's a good deal for the club and a good move for Mikel. The lad deserves a chance at the champions league. Good luck little fella, would love to see you win it.
Peter O, Runcorn, 8:10 AM 3/09/2011
Absolutely lovely guy. Loved him, he was a true professional. Hasn't gone for more money, speaks volumes to me that. All the best Mikkey, I hope you will always have a special place in your heart for the best club in the land. You will always be in ours. Thanks matey.
Kiwi, NZ, 5:24 AM 3/09/2011
Good luck to Mikky, thanks for the memories. He deserves a chance at CL, just a shame he couldn't have earned a trophy with us. If only him and Jags could have played 09 Final. Fat Gaz in St Helens, the reason Rooney got stick over it and Mikky isn't is because the circumstances were different. Mikky is 29 and this was possibly his last chance to get a crack at it. Rooney was still a kid and could easily have stayed one or two more years with us then moved and still won plenty. If I remember rightly he didn't even win a trophy in his first year and we qualified for CL so he could have stayed with us and earned pretty much the same (as his first year at Utd wages were the same as we offered him). Mikky's situation is like Gravesen's, he's getting to his final few year and its his so called 'last big contract' I wonder if one day we will sing 'Follow follow follow' at away matches like the way we do teh Anders Limpar or Barry Horne songs now?
Paul H, Walton, 2:09 AM 3/09/2011
Good luck Mikel. You were the best little Spaniard I knew! Class act for many years at Goodison. I still feel we would have won the FA cup in 09 but for his injury and would have made him a legend. I do believe we saw the best of him but still believe he had class to offer.
Alex, Lydiate, 10:41 PM 2/09/2011
Shame he's left, but we definitely saw his best years. Someone had better phone Wenger and tell him he's been robbed. I think he thought he bought the Mikky of 3-4 years ago.
Stu, Park End, 10:36 PM 2/09/2011
Great player, person and role model. I absolutely loved the man. Can't wait to show him what he is missing when he comes back to Goodison. I have been in denial over his ability the past two seasons but the man is a legend. I think we are in the same boat with Cahill. We don't want to believe his best days are behind him because he is a legend also.
Liam, Liverpool, 10:29 PM 2/09/2011
1. I will miss the corners not clearing the first defender. 2.I will also miss the free kicks not clearing the wall. But most of all I will miss Mikel running towards the Gwladys after the handshake and jumping to head the ball. Both him and Neville do it and on the odd occasion they used to do it at the same time. But I won`t miss all the gob off the bloke behind on my baldy head when 1 and 2 happen.
Mike C, Spital, 10:19 PM 2/09/2011
Thanks for the memories and good luck at Arsenal Mikky. You'll always be welcomed back.
Lee, Huyton, 10:18 PM 2/09/2011
It's good to see everyone wishing Mikel 'all the best' as he gave great delight to Evertonians when there's not been a lot else to shout about in recent years. A guy who gave his all and loved the fans. At 29 he deserves CL.
Dave, Neston, 8:54 PM 2/09/2011
I was gutted and disappointed at first... now I've digested it I don't think it's as bad as all those supposed knowledgable pundits are saying . I nearly threw the radio through the window while listening to talksport. I just hope these 2 we've brought in are the real deal. In Moyesy I trust.
Bluebelle, High Wycombe, 8:52 PM 2/09/2011
As much as I loved Mikel if he wants to go he can go I think 10 Million is a good deal In the ideal world he would still be an Eveton player , but so would Wayne Rooney We are Everton and whoever wears the jersey should be proud, I have supported Everton all my life and players come and go, they are not like me it is only a job to them ,I will still be there whatever happens I think Ross and Jack are our future, I would be more gutted if we sold them In spite of all the money they have spent we are a better team than the Shite and we will prove in the Derby game Blue and Proud Tony Sheehan
Tony Sheehan, Essex, 8:51 PM 2/09/2011
Look on the bright side! We've still got Yobo! Arrrgh!!!
Mr Brightside, Edge Hill Liverpool, 8:44 PM 2/09/2011
Not that bothered that he's gone really - thought that since he got the largest contract the club have given anyone he was nothing more than average. More gutted that the Yak has left. Strange how Mikel is getting a lot of sympathy of wanting to play champions league - didnt a "Fat little knobhead" do exactly the same thing some years ago?
Fat Gaz, St.Helens, 7:46 PM 2/09/2011
I'm sad to see Mikel leave as he is a real talent. I wish him all the best, he deserves to play at the top level while he is still young enough to, especially as Spain seem to ignore him. It's just a shame we weren't in a position to offer him CL football. Of course I would have loved to have kept Mikky but I'm strangely happy with the transfer window business. The two guys we got in fill the two positions we needed most. The cash we got in will help put the financial situation in order and we managed to offload some big earners. I would like to see us build the team around the young players and get the wage bill under control so the club can attract investors. Perhaps if we can clear the worst of our debt and start making a profit an investor will see us as a more attractive proposition despite the stadium issue. Like many clubs we have been living beyond our means and perhaps setting our house in order will serve us well in these uncertain times.
Drew, Cardiff, 7:37 PM 2/09/2011
Good luck Mikkey, thanks for the 6 years you spent with us. Hope you finally get into the Spanish team.
Edwin Thomas, Manchester, 7:32 PM 2/09/2011
I know it is all about opinions but he would have got in the 85 team? The only player who may have had a chance to get in that team in the last twenty years is Kanchelskis on the back of his form in the 95 96 season, when he was widely regarded as the best right wide player in Europe, although God knows whose position he would have took, as Sir Trev was simply awesome aswell! I think if Moyes was handed all the money from the transfer then its excellent business as I really do believe Artetas best days are well behind him, sadly moyes will be lucky to get half that and frankly who can he buy that will improve the team with that sort of money?
Gareth, Australia, 7:31 PM 2/09/2011
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