Everton To Play Hearts and Dundee In Scotland
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Everton have confirmed that they will play two matches in Scotland as part of their seven pre-season games. 

The first game after the squad returns from Singapore will be at Hearts on the Saturday 25th July followed by Dundee on Tuesday 28 July.

The first friendly game of seven will be at Swindon Town on Saturday 11th July.

Everton will have a full squad availble from the off, so no excuses this time around.

Jags said: "It was tough last season with players coming back at different times. When you were speaking to some of the lads, some were joining up for the friendly in Thailand and others were coming back later.

"It was disruptive last year so it's always nice that everyone is back at once and all of us will travel together. The travelling will be long but everyone is good friends in and around the squad so it will be nice to bond that way.

"It will bring us together early on in pre-season because it is a tough time physically. It's nice that everyone will be together at the same time and it doesn't feel like anyone is missing out on doing the hard work, so I'm sure that's why the manager wants us all in at the same time." 

"I'm sure they won't be the intensity of a Premier League game, with substitutions and things like that, but it will be nice to play some good opposition.

"The conditions will be tough but that's what you want in pre-season. I'm not sure exactly how the manager is going to play the games.

"Two games is nice and we will be over there for a week. Hopefully we will get plenty out of it fitness-wise.

"Then we have got a nice little trip up to Scotland, so pre-season looks good. We just need to make sure everybody stays fit and healthy, and gives the manager a headache when it comes to picking that team against Watford.

Roberto said: "I'm very excited because first and foremost we are going to have the preparations for pre-season will be a little different because have a trip to Singapore gives an opportunity to work in a different manner.

"We're heading to something completely different, that I do feel is going to be perfect in trying to reach a really competitive level quicker than any other pre-season due to the pedigree of this tournament.

"I do feel that that's a real positive when you do it abroad. When you are here and you're facing Premier League opposition it's a bit harder to take it to the extreme of being able to compete against each other because you have got the fans and there's a strong understanding of each other. It's almost that you want to have the gloves on when you play those games.

"When you are abroad it is different. We are going to compete for a trophy and it's the opportunity to get into a final and then you are facing opposition that is going to be very helpful to reach a physical level that is going to help us start the season well, so I do feel there's a real positive to face Premier League opposition when you are in a tournament of this magnitude.

"Just being with each other 24 hours a day and being with each other in a different culture, a different football culture, a different lifestyle.

"From a human point of view it gets you closer together, I think the group learns a lot from each other, and I think that's very powerful going in to a really hard season, the more that you know each other in a human level the better that you can understand each other as footballers and I think that tournament is going to give us that opportunity."


Swindon Town v Everton - Saturday 11 July, 3pm

Everton v Stoke City - Wednesday 15 July, 11am (Barclays Asia Trophy)

Everton v Arsenal or Singapore Select XI - Saturday 18 July, TBC (Barclays Asia Trophy)

Hearts v Everton - Saturday 25 July, 3pm

Dundee v Everton - Tuesday 28 July 7.30pm

Leeds United v Everton - Saturday 1 August, 3pm

Everton v Villarreal - Sunday 2 August, 3pm 


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