Everton Fixtures Ravaged By TV and Europe
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Always a great time in the Summer when the fixtures come out, but nowadays most fans are a bit cautious about making arrangements for away games in Landan, Southampton and now Bournemouth.

The TV companies will ravage the fixtures with Saturday fixtures moved to Sunday's and Monday nights.

First up is a home game against new boys Watford on 8th August 

On top of that already games will be moved due to other clubs being in Europe.

Everton's home game against the redshite due to be played on Saturday 3rd October at 3.00pm will be moved to the Sunday 4th October due to the Europa League. No doubt the local bobbies will want it as a lunch time kick-off aswell.

On top of that Everton's away game at West Ham on 7th November may be moved to a Sunday 8th November, if the Hammers qualify for the Group stage of the Europa League, having qualified via the fair play league.

Again depending on who qualifies to the knock out stage of the Europa League after Christmas in 2016, games away at the redshite and home to Southampton maybe changed to a Sunday.

Everton will also see games being moved from Saturday to Sunday if we play either Chelsea, the Arse, Man Sitteh and Man Utd who have Champions League games.

At first glimpse, it looks like Arsenal away due to be played at 3.00pm on Sat 24th October will be moved to Sunday 25th October. Plus if the Arse get through to the knockout stage in 2016, the return home game due to be played on Sat 19th March maybe in jeopardy.

Lots of ifs and buts about there, BUT best to be safe than sorry if booking transport and hotels, which you may have to cancel and lose money on. 

Oh Yeah! All this before Sky Sports and BTSports have yet to get their hands on them.

August 2015

Everton v Watford Sat 8 Aug 15:00
Southampton v Everton Sat 15 Aug 15:00
Everton v Man City Sat 22 Aug 15:00
Tottenham v Everton Sat 29 Aug 15:00

September 2015

Everton v Chelsea Sat 12 Sep 15:00
Swansea v Everton Sat 19 Sep 15:00
West Brom v Everton Sat 26 Sep 15:00

October 2015

Everton v redshite Sat 3 Oct 15:00
Everton v Man Utd Sat 17 Oct 15:00
Arsenal v Everton Sat 24 Oct 15:00
Everton v Sunderland Sat 31 Oct 15:00

November 2015

West Ham v Everton Sat 7 Nov 15:00
Everton v Aston Villa Sat 21 Nov 15:00
Bournemouth v Everton Sat 28 Nov 15:00

December 2015

Everton v Crystal Palace Sat 5 Dec 15:00
Norwich v Everton Sat 12 Dec 15:00
Everton v Leicester Sat 19 Dec 15:00
Newcastle v Everton Sat 26 Dec 15:00
Everton v Stoke Mon 28 Dec 15:00

January 2016

Everton v Tottenham Sat 2 Jan 15:00
Man City v Everton Wed 13 Jan 19:45
Chelsea v Everton Sat 16 Jan 15:00
Everton v Swansea Sat 23 Jan 15:00 

February 2016

Everton v Newcastle Wed 3 Feb 19:45
Stoke v Everton Sat 6 Feb 15:00
Everton v West Brom Sat 13 Feb 15:00
redshite v Everton Sat 27 Feb 15:00

March 2016

Aston Villa v Everton Tue 1 Mar 19:45
Everton v West Ham Sat 5 Mar 15:00
Sunderland v Everton Sat 12 Mar 15:00
Everton v Arsenal Sat 19 Mar 15:00

April 2016

Man Utd v Everton Sat 2 Apr 15:00
Watford v Everton Sat 9 Apr 15:00
Everton v Southampton Sat 16 Apr 15:00
Crystal Palace v Everton Sat 23 Apr 15:00
Everton v Bournemouth Sat 30 Apr 15:00

May 2016

Leicester v Everton Sat 7 May 15:00
Everton v Norwich Sun 15 May 15:00

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See we have to travel to the North East for Boxing Day again
Pete the blue, Birkenhead, 8:41 AM 18/06/2015
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