Everton Want Europe Via Fair Play League
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Everton have an outside chance of getting into Europe next season via UEFA's Fair Play League. 

A place in the Europe League is up for grabs, the only problem is it starts on 1st July, before the first team are due back for preseason training.

Roberto Martinez though is keen on taking the place and giving the Everton youngsters some valuable experience.

Roberto said: "I don't want to speak about this now because it sounds like we've already got it. But to answer it very clearly, if we get awarded a place we will embrace it and we will enjoy it as a football club.

"The international players are involved with their countries until June 17 so obviously they wouldn't be involved for the earlier rounds. But this is a competition we would accept as a football club.

"We have a lot of young, talented players who have already played in Europe and they will be desperate for that sort of experience.

"As a football club we would embrace that and I think the first four games would be taken in that manner. I wouldn't allow that fair play position to get in the middle of our pre-season preparation.

"But we would embrace it as a football club. Absolutely." 

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Comments about Everton Want Europe Via Fair Play League
Loved Wolfsburg away and would like more in that competition but rather it was that latter stages after we got knocked out of CL which we'll only achieve with an outstanding premiership campaign not hindered with an unsettling fixture program of Thursday Sunday footy. So winning the FA cup or finishing top four should be our main objective if we finish 5th then so be it we'll have to draw on experience gained from this season and embrace it as a reward and not as an after thought of an invitation to an expensive party from an unappreciated distant and unwelcome host.
Ian, Prescot, 7:17 PM 17/05/2015
We strive to compete to high standards in the league to qualify for Europe then moan about being in it! We need to be in the Uefa cup for a few seasons doing well, so if ever we do get into the elite comp we've got the accumulated European points to be seeded higher
Neil, Wallasey, 10:20 AM 16/05/2015
@12 Lets be realistic theres no chance CL through league. Winning the Europa league and qualifying that way very possible . Look at Dnipro and even how close brugge came
J, Liverpool , 7:47 PM 15/05/2015
Stay away from this micky mouse competition. It's a financial disaster unless you win it, and with champions league teams given byes into the knock out stages, that aint gonna happen. Give me decent league campaign and a FA Cup run.
Steve, Retford, 10:31 AM 15/05/2015
@9 - 'A club with our history and prestige' should be competing in Europe via the CL and not in its poor and long winded Europa relation.
John T, Bristol, 9:57 AM 15/05/2015
We should enter it if we intend to win it we might just attract a few more signings like a centre half, mid general and a goal scorer. If we go in the fans need to stay behind club all the wayeven if league form takes a dip as its 30 yrs since our last europeon final and that for those who remember wining a cup was great COYB.
Chris Simpson, LondonB, 8:42 PM 14/05/2015
Spot on alpha
J, Liverpool , 6:40 PM 14/05/2015
I wonder if some Everton fans don't want us to compete in Europe just because they can't get to the games. I say this because I have seen us in Europe and they are fantastic experiences! A club with our history and prestige should be competing in Europe EVERY season.
alpha1, england, 1:47 PM 14/05/2015
Crocky, Croxteth, 7:11 AM 14/05/2015
No, no, please don't even think about it! Apart from providing a lot of fans with a tour of Europe it did absolutely NOTHING for Everton apart from wrecking the season. Like it did with ALL other Premiership clubs that have been involved for the past number of years. It took Swansea 18 months to get back on track. Do you really want to knacker our regular starters before inevitably being knocked out as much due to sheer exhaustion as anything else? If by a horrific stroke of bad luck we end up in the Europa League again, why not use it to blood younger players and keep squad players fit? Unless Everton can accumulate a squad as strong as Chelski's or Sitteh's, we are just running around like headless chickens waiting for the chop (yes, I know this is a surreal metaphor) Use the Europa nightmare to our own advantage rather than pretend that we've got a cat in hell's chance of winning it.
Bri, Woolton, 9:42 PM 13/05/2015
Deffo yes.....but with a few basic conditions. We play the kids more in Europe and the strongest team possible in the league. If we get binned out early on then so what, we then concentrate on the league....which needs to be our priority anyway.
paul, maghull, 9:32 PM 13/05/2015
No thank you, a meaningless distraction from the 2 domestic cups, and the highest we can possibly get in the PL. Also beating Netherfield Rd Rovers, home and away.
Lennie, Wirral, 8:36 PM 13/05/2015
Please don't do it! Apart from providing a lot of our supporters with a tour round Europe, it has done absolutely NOTHING for Everton - as it has done nothing for any other Premier League club which has had the misfortune to be sucked into the thing. O.K. if by any chance we do topple into the Europa League, use it for blooding young or peripheral players. Don't knacker our regular starters. You know it makes sense!
Bri, Woolton, 5:27 PM 13/05/2015
Yes i want to see as many European games involving Everton as possible.Me and thousands of others have been starved of it,so even if we turn up at West Ham with boxes of Cadburys Milk Tray and gift vouchers for the nearest pie&mash shop,that should seal it.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 5:19 PM 13/05/2015
Europe is great for the proper fans who go the game. Nothing better then travelling around Europe watching the blues. I would like to see a full strength team throughout the competition and use the lesser players for the league cup and fa. Im sure we would deal with Europe and the league much better second time around. The only thing is I cant see us taking 1st place of the hammers on fair play. Besic and barry might of cost us!
J, Liverpool , 5:13 PM 13/05/2015
Everyone with common sense wants to compete in Europe, just as long as it's not used as an excuse for poor performances in the Prem. There's no point going in if that's all it leads to. Any more bookings for Barry will keep us out anyway.
Spectator, Crosby, 2:19 PM 13/05/2015
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