Singapore In July For Everton
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Everton will take part in the Barclays Asia Trophy this summer in Singapore. 

The Premier League, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and Barclays have confirmed that Everton will be joined by Arsenal, Stoke City and a Singapore Select XI team in mid-July. 

The four-team knockout tournament will take place over two match days - Wednesday, July 15 and Saturday, July 18 - with a final to determine the winner and a play-off for third place. Two games will be played on each day. The tournament will form a central part of Everton's pre-season ahead of the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League campaign, starting on Saturday, August 8. 

All four games will take place in the state-of-the-art National Stadium, which was completed in June 2014. The 55,000-seat venue at the Singapore Sports Hub features a retractable roof and every seat in the stadium is cooled by environmentally sustainable technology. 

The tournament will be officiated by Barclays Premier League match officials and FAS match officials, and will also be staged in accordance with Barclays Premier League Rules. This is the first occasion that Singapore has played host to the tournament and it will take place during Singapore's 50th anniversary celebrations. The Barclays Asia Trophy has been held biennially since 2003 and is the only Premier League-affiliated competition to take place outside England. This year will see Arsenal's and Stoke's debut appearances. The Singapore Select XI is the first team from Singapore to compete in the Barclays Asia Trophy and will consist mainly of players from the Singapore National Team.

Previously, the Blues took part in the tournament in 2005 when it was held in Thailand, drawing with Manchester City and the host nation but losing on penalties on both occasions. 

Ticketing information for fans will be announced in May. Tickets will be sold separately for each match day and will include both matches taking place on that day. 

Premier League Chief Executive, Richard Scudamore, said: "We are very excited to bring the Barclays Asia Trophy to Singapore for the first time. We know Singaporeans love their football and that they are huge fans of the Barclays Premier League. Our aim is to put on a tournament worthy of Singapore's 50th birthday celebrations and for that we have three teams who epitomise the best of our League. "Everton under Roberto Martinez continue to play an exciting brand of football. Arsenal have some wonderful players and I'm sure they'll delight their many fans from across Southeast Asia, while Stoke City mix flair with a never-say-die attitude. Fans in Singapore should expect our most competitive ever Barclays Asia Trophy." 

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Comments about Singapore In July For Everton
John we live in hope mate! Otherwise what's the point? Last few comments I made didn't make it to BK but I never give up hope with the dozey buggers lol!
Doug, Liverpool, 5:31 PM 12/03/2015
Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves here. There are no guarantees we will be in the premier league next year. What ever happened to only focusing on the next match
John, the Shires, 2:47 PM 11/03/2015
One of the gripes a lot of us had was that this year's pre-season was about as demanding as pensioners seaside outing. This was proven by watching the Blue's players blow their gaskets after 80 minutes in the Leicester and Arsenal games which could have , and should have, given us the impetus of a 6 point start. Winning some pre-season trophy isn't worth didley squat but it's the best way to get sharpened up.
Bri, Woolton, 1:55 PM 11/03/2015
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