FA Charge Everton
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A panel of former referees studied the incident were Chelsea full back Branislav Ivanovic put Everton's midfielder James McCarthy in a headlock and appeared to headbutt him, but they decided it was not worthy of a red card.

But both Chelsea and Everton have been charged by the Football Association with failing to control their players.

The melee started after Gareth Barry tackled William and most of the Chelsea team ran to the referee putting pressure onto him to book him and send him off.

Following the free kick, Ivanovic headed the cross down and William scored to give Chelsea a 1-0 win on Wednesday.

The FA also investigated claims made on social media that Ivanovic had bitten McCarthy. The body studied all video footage and contacted Everton and found conclusively he had not done so.

However both clubs face disciplinary action for "failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion and/or refrained from provocative behaviour".

Barry will now be suspended for the Leicester home game.

The Everton midfielder was set for a two game ban after picking up his ninth booking of the season in the first-half at Chelsea.

But Barry's second yellow, and thus a red, overrules that 10th yellow card of the campaign.

The 33-year-old will be available for Thursday's trip to Young Boys in the Europa League but will miss the Leicester game.

Barry will be back in contention for selection for the return leg with Young Boys as well as the trip to the Emirates Stadium to face Arsenal on March 1.

Gaz must be careful, as if he picks up a caution in North London or before 12th April then he will be hit with a further two game ban.

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Comments about FA Charge Everton
ffs boys. certainly not all Barry's fault ! Besic lasted 2 fuckin minutes before he got booked! No creativity whatsoever from midfield is the problem . fuck both besic and barry who are both liabilities. All you crying out for long ball getting their wish now and havent seen worse football from an Everton side for a long time. Be careful what you wish for in future !
fred, runcorn, 6:14 PM 13/02/2015
Last time we played well was when Barry wasn't in the team... So Chelsea have done is a favour also I think it's time Naithsmith went on the bench also. I havnt seen a player under hit so many passes in one game in my whole lifetime
John, Chester, 3:07 PM 13/02/2015
All season Barry's been an accident waiting to happen so I wasn't that surprised that he just can't do it anymore. What really worries me is that Martinez just doesn't seem to know how to sort all this out and get back on track. If he doesn't get sorted and soon I can see us with a new manager this time next year or even sooner. I'm sorry but I don't have much confidence in him these days. Barry is just one more problem he hasn't solved. I'm beginning to believe all those stories that he's a soft touch, and that approach has never worked with pro players.
Paul, Warrington, 11:17 AM 13/02/2015
We got about a good 4 months out of Gareth,and then Father Time caught up with him,just around about the same time his acting Agent sublime,secured one of the best deals known to midfielder's on the slide,struck a bonanza of a contract.Great if you can get it,but more the fool Everton for offering the ludicrous package in the first place.Time to put the emphasis on Mo and Mac now,consolidate our future with consistent game time.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 10:43 AM 13/02/2015
He's shite anyway, get rid in summer.
daz.m, st.helens, 10:15 AM 13/02/2015
One rule for London clubs and another for everyone else. No wonder everyone fuckin hates London and it's shitty foreign owners.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 9:57 AM 13/02/2015
Bearing in mind the furore over Costa and his stamp on Can and Jose's refusal to give press conferences Ivanovic has got away with it because referees panels former or present are one step worse than clueless. They are there to protect Mr Friend who was bullied into making a decision by a mass of Chelsea mercenaries with good old JT in the middle of it all. Much as I'm glad Barry is unavailable the trip merited a free kick - nothing more ? Sad to see Barry who never ever really had any pace has got slower by the day. I appreciate points are essential but surely this is the time for 'cometh the hour cometh the man' and a creative midfielder needs to step up - Ryan Ledson this could be your time ?
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 9:11 AM 13/02/2015
I give up. If a player can strangle another one within 30cm of a ref and the authorities say they are BOTH at fault, then we have a problem.
Soxy, Barcelona, 8:42 AM 13/02/2015
With Barry don't think just a loss of form but age has caught up with his time as an Everton player .
Paul , Wirral , 1:53 AM 13/02/2015
good thing, we might get to see mo and macca in the middle together.
andy, canada, 12:54 AM 13/02/2015
Great the FA give licence to head but everybody can't wait for the rest of the season.
gaz, deeside, 8:38 PM 12/02/2015
Martinez v Moyes...Moyes..pick Hibbert....if he plays shit I'll still pick him next game... pick Osman.....if he plays shit I'll stcik pick him next game... pick Anichebe...if he plays shit I'll still pick him....Martinez...play Barry...if he plays shit.....do you see the pattern....why do Everton managers not drop shit performers and blood new personnel...essentially we have a good group of players and those who underperform need benching or being left out. Give others a chance to shine and give 100%...I would sooner see 11 Naismiths and see some real effort and lose than watch under performing, lazy, lack lustre fucking wasters like Barry. I wouldn't pay him with peanuts and the sooner Martinez starts to pick people on merit and not based around the size of their wage the better.
Mark , Reading, 8:25 PM 12/02/2015
If I was a betting man - and I am - I wouldn't be putting any money on GB staying out of the refs notebook until 12th April!
Jon, Leeds, 7:58 PM 12/02/2015
Sort of sums up Barry's season doesn't it?
Spectator, Crosby, 7:37 PM 12/02/2015
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