Hillsborough Plaque Unveiled At Goodison
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Everton fan Steve Kelly unveiled a plaque in memory of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough. 

The permanent memorial is at the Park End Goodison Park.

Steve, who lost his Liverpool supporting brother Michael in the disaster, said: "As a Blue I've never felt so proud in my life. And as a bereaved brother I've never felt so proud."

Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright, Chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group Margaret Aspinall, together with Colin Harvey and Kenny Dalglish, the managers of Everton and Liverpool in 1989, were also in attendence. 

Bill Kenwright said: "It is very important to have a lasting memorial but not for Everton Football Club, more for the city of Liverpool to remember. Wherever this football club goes, because we all know eventually we will move, that plaque will still be there.

"It's important that Everton fans, away fans and all football fans learn that the truth is coming out because of these men and women who have fought. What they have got to go through on a daily basis is unthinkable. It's a privilege to say 'there is a little bit of Goodison that is yours'.

"You know what's incredible? That there were a thousand people there before a derby match - and the respect they gave to Margaret and possibly Liverpool's greatest ever player, Kenny Dalglish.

"This in itself is not a momentous day for Everton. This is a tiny gesture that Steve and a group of Everton fans at a fans forum decided was the right thing to do.

"It's great that it's on a derby day but it's great that it's happened while Margaret and the other campaigners are in the middle of the biggest battle Merseyside has probably ever known.

"I've said before, don't ever take on a Liverpool mum. And if if you do, don't let it be Margaret!

"It really doesn't bear thinking about, to lose what they lost and to have to fight in the bloody courts so they can sleep easily.

"It's got to be remembered even when I've gone and we've all gone. This is all about a battle for what's about the minimum of right.

"That plaque will go with us wherever we go."

Margaret Aspinall said: "What's great about this city is that the people do unite. The Evertonians, as well as Bill Kenwright and all the people who work for Everton Football Club, have been so supportive. To me, that's amazing. 

"This beautiful tribute to the 96 from Everton Football Club and its fans is uplifting for the families who are going through so much at this moment in time."

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Gloves off. Justice for the 96.
Paul Newton., Bootle., 9:14 PM 10/02/2015
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