Martinez - Qatar Trip Has Clear Benefits
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The ever optimistic Roberto Martinez is already happy that Everton have got something out of warm weather training in Qatar.

Even half way through the week's trip a few things have been ironed out.

Roberto said: "The welcome from the people in Qatar has been phenomenal and the facilities are terrific at the Aspire Academy.

"We have had a few Everton fans come to the sessions and it has given us a feeling of home.

"We are working in the best facilities you can imagine and we can stay outside for hours because the weather is always what you want it to be.

"We are spending more time together. The benefits are very clear.

"It is important now that as we are getting into the key months of the season, especially with our Europa League tie and the games coming up, we are working hard.

"Certain groups in the squad will need more specific work but our work has been more high intensity.

"We are feeling the benefits of being out there because the sessions give longer preparation for the players.

"It is like a pre-season within a season and we have got a lot of high intensity into our work but we are not treating all players in the same way.

"Certain players are working more than others because of the amount of games they have played this season.

"The facilities here are second to none and they have really helped towards our work."

Only a few wins will mean the trip has been a mistake. What do you think? Comment Below.

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Comments about Martinez - Qatar Trip Has Clear Benefits
No problem with warm weather training and the need to get the team bonding BUT I do have a problem with Martinez already claiming benefits. We will only find that out when we play this weekend. Martinez is already annoying fans with his repeated positive spin about players when we are playing poorly . He should try keeping his mouth shut or at least try to be honest with fans
Jeff Hughes, Ormskirk, 9:16 AM 28/01/2015
Let's just see if this pays off in our forthcoming games. I will reserve judgement.
Barbara, Liverpool, 7:59 AM 28/01/2015
I am all for this but its a shame i could not carry their kit!. I think the climate and uninterupted training plans are the benefits of warm weather training at this time of year, a great idea, also the mention of high intensity training makes me wonder whether El Bob has realised his players have not been fit enough. Of course the proof will be shown up one way or another in the next few weeks results, if we beat Palace and the dark side then the plan has been a good one. Wheres my suntan lotion ?
LES, PHUKET, 5:12 AM 28/01/2015
Well I suppose it had to be "phenomenal" didn't it.
dAVE, Auckland NZ, 4:49 AM 28/01/2015
Most top clubs go warm weather training these days so I've no problem with it. If we pick up lots of points soon then I'm happy, if we keep being shit then we've a problem and Bob will need to go. Simple.
Paul, Maghull, 9:20 PM 27/01/2015
I wonder if my boss will take me on an all expenses paid trip. Half way through the year when I'm paid a massive weekly wage? Because I need my morale boosting because I'm massively under performing an letting so many people down???? Just a thought pull your fingers out cause I'm getting sick of watching the same predictable football. Rant over. Coyb's!!!
Big dunc , Gladys st, 4:18 PM 27/01/2015
The cynicism is because last year, probably by coincidence, our form dipped after a similar break. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Well this season things are broke, so the trip can't do any harm and might do some good.
James Sawer, Lytham, 1:47 PM 27/01/2015
Yep. The benefits are really clear. A free holiday which you're also being fucking paid to be on. Not impressed.
Ryan, Bournemouth , 1:27 PM 27/01/2015
"It is important now that as we are getting into the key months of the season" - is for 'kin real. We've been approaching the key months of the season or the half waypoint since August. The key months of the season have been and gone. Looks a lot like a holiday, they deserve a Moyes style boot camp in the Lakes for their performances of late
Mark, Liverpool, 1:09 PM 27/01/2015
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