Brabbs Joines Acadamy Coaches
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Gary Brabin has joined Everton's Academy coaching staff.

Brabbs, to his mates, has left Southport as manager last week and joins Everton immediately.

His former playing clubs include Doncaster, Blackpool Hull City, Bluekipper FC and the Valley over the Hill Mob.

He has managed The New Saints, Southport, Cambridge and Luton Town.

Southport have appointed Paul Carden as his replacement.

Southport FC chairman Charlie Clapham said: "We gave Gary a manager's post after a couple of years out of the game.

"It is a compliment to both Gary and Southport FC that Everton want our manager for such a prestigious role.

"It's Gary's lifelong ambition to be part of Everton Football Club and sometimes in life things happen when you are not expecting them to.

"I would not want to stop Gary achieving his ambition and genuinely wish him all the best.

"Gary made an immediate impact here and I want to thank him for that and our FA Cup run culminating at Derby County.

"Paul Carden now has the task of building on Gary's foundations over the last four months and getting us to a safe position as quickly as possible."

Good Luck Brabbs. Good Luck Cardy


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Comments about Brabbs Joines Acadamy Coaches
What a pedigree this guy has Southport,Doncaster, Blackpool, all the teams we will be playing next season, I am already putting them in my in my sat nav for next season . God feckin help us
joe, mossley hill, 6:59 PM 26/01/2015
Couldn't care less if he's from Timbuctoo, just as long as he's good!
Paul, Warrington, 9:50 AM 26/01/2015
It's my life long ambition to manage Everton Do you think I've got a shout? Bring back Walter Smith
Jack, Uni in newcastle, 4:26 PM 25/01/2015
There's not much, to say, alles speilt seer gut, by the best Supporters in the World. It's a killer, but the next 4 PLGS will decide our season, looking for a miracle. Get. Tim Cahill,on a loan for the R S? Sorry that my thimble is almost empty, this season is unique in the way the team has failed on the park, I can't say much more. Eagles is a must win, and then we start winning at home.
El Cid, Offshore, 9:57 PM 24/01/2015
When are we getting our lucky mascot Alan Irvine back
Neil, Aigburth, 8:53 PM 24/01/2015
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