Everton Join The Top Money Earners
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Everton have finished in the top 20 of the Deloitte Money League, having posted record revenues of £120.5m.

It's only the second time in ten years that Everton have been as high. The first time was 2004-05.

With Roberto Martinez leading Everton to 5th place last season, the club earned £88.5m from TV revenue. A figure higher than Everton's entire turnover for the previous year.

Real Madrid finished first in the rankings. Other Premier League clubs in the top 20 included: Manchester United in 2nd, Manchester City in the 6th spot, followed by Chelsea, Arsenal, and redshite, respectively. Spurs took the 13th place, while Newcastle finished in 19th, and Everton 20th.

Their turnover for the year ending May 31 2014 was the highest in the club's history, and contributed to a club-record profit of £28.2m.

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Comments about Everton Join The Top Money Earners
Slightly shocked that we're a place below the Skunks. @2 - I think that admission prices will only drop if fans stop going to televised games, then Sky will have to subsidise ticket prices as their product looks bad if it's being played in a half empty stadium. Ideally, government would enact legislation forcing the TV companies to subsidise tickets down to a level where, for instance, the fans would only have to pay £10 a pop. Ain't going to happen.
John T, Bristol, 3:20 PM 23/01/2015
That 28.2 million doesn't include the Lukaku transfer.. skint
Andy, Wirral, 10:55 AM 23/01/2015
We do have money then!!! Go and sign some players.
Paul, Wavertree, 9:48 AM 23/01/2015
Does that mean the admission costs are going to start falling?
eddieparkend, real world, 7:43 PM 22/01/2015
Interesting reading if we can generate this money being what people call a proper football club imagine if we done a man city or chelsea?
andy, Aberdeen, 7:39 PM 22/01/2015
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