O'Neill Wanting To See Kenwright Over Keane Remarks
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After Roy Keane had a go at Everton regarding the Irish contingent, Roberto Martinez said it was 'nonsense'.

Now The Irish Republic manager, Martin O'Neill has had a go at Everton chairman, Bill Kenwright.

Kenwright had said: "Roy Keane does say some stupid things."

Martin O'Neill said: "Sometimes you have to know all of the facts.

"I may well speak to Bill.

"There are a lot of cross purposes here. I spoke to Roberto way back, two weeks ago, about players. James thought there was always a chance he could make it.

"Once James felt there was a chance, and he felt pretty good, then there was always a possibility that he could line out for us against Scotland.

"It was always going to be touch and go. The minute the scan cleared up, it gave us a little bit of hope. But it was not to be.

"It is not a problem. But as I said to you I might speak to Bill Kenwright."

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Comments about O'Neill Wanting To See Kenwright Over Keane Remarks
It's Mr Kenwright to you martin
Tony, Wavertree, liverpool, 7:14 PM 26/11/2014
Keanes big misplaced ego (book launch, coincidence, publicity leading up to Xmas, Santa beard hmmm)! Prompts him to think he's in charge and he speaks out, so then o'neill thinks hang on, I'm the gaffer here and look like the elf, the little helper, I should speak out too, but Mr Keanes wrong, so I'll just say something..... anything........ I know 'I'll speak to Bill' there that's shown them.... it's like milliband and Cameron marque 2, If the players are fit they play, I'm sure McCarthy would be pushin to play every game. Wind your necks in.
Cd, Bed, 12:32 AM 25/11/2014
who calls the shots with the irish team .Its making Oneil looking second rate .Its time he put keane in his place. If he doesnt muzzle him now its big trouble ahead.
mark, north wales, 5:31 PM 24/11/2014
Nobody cares what Keane thinks. He is fuck all to us. Ignore him.
Ivor, G St, 1:13 PM 24/11/2014
So pleased that someone is saying it as it is. Well done Bill i am proud of you. I doubt very much that O'Neil will speak to Bill, as with having that idoitic assistant, he would never be off the phone ! !.
LES, PHUKET, 8:26 AM 24/11/2014
Since when did ROI have some sort of jurisdiction over Everton? O'Neill will be sending the Irish navy to blockade the Mersey next. He's so far up his own arse (as is his lunatic sidekick) that I'm surprised that he hasn't disappeared years ago.
John T, Bristol, 10:22 PM 23/11/2014
correct me if I am wrong but was Roy Keane not the man who turned his back on his country and walked out from the squad on the eve of a World Cup.
Addie, wirral, 10:03 PM 23/11/2014
Who is Roy Keane to speak? I remember Roy Keane walking out of the Irish squad a few years back due to a tiff he had with the manager (who shall remain nameless)>
Duncan Brown, Inverness, 9:57 PM 23/11/2014
easy to deflect their own innadequacy on others. Time to close this chapter and the goodison and finch farm doors to these 2 goons.
Mike, lpool, 9:06 PM 23/11/2014
Man Utd are masters at stopping players from playing for country Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Keane part of that O'neill isn't big enough to worry about
Bill Hankin, Yorkshire, 8:43 PM 23/11/2014
Martin O'Neil is the manager of ROI and Roberto Martinez is the manager of Everton. There is no need for O'Neil to want to go beyond Martinez. Roberto is our decision maker.
John Connolly, Budapest, 8:38 PM 23/11/2014
Storm in a teacup,but the argument was not just about McCarthy,was it? Keane suggested that all Everton players were arriving feigning injury so as to to be omitted.He named Seamus and Jimmy,but his inference was that it was a club wide occurrence.Perhaps it would be more apposite if Mr O Neill spoke to his deputy rather than anyone else.After all the manager and chairman both stated that the players and the club were immensely proud of their involvement with International commitments.
R Gordon, Florizel Street, 6:06 PM 23/11/2014
"I may well speak to Bill."... get back in your cage, you chimp! Who do you think you are?
Jeremy, Aigburth, 6:02 PM 23/11/2014
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