1963 Champions Remembered v Fulham
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The heroes of Everton's 1962/63 championship-winning side will be guests of honour at Goodison Park on Saturday when Everton take on Fulham as the Club marks the impending 50th anniversary of that triumph.

 The Golden Vision - Alex Young,, Billy Bingham, Tony Kay and Derek Temple will be among the members of Harry Catterick's squad to attend the game against Fulham the side they defeated to confirm the Club's sixth league title win on 11 May 1963. They will parade on the pitch at half-time.
Tributes will also be paid at half-time to those who have passed away R.I.P.

Harry Catterick (1919-1985)
Brian Labone (1940-2006)
Gordon West (1943-2012)
Albert Dunlop (1932-1990)
Alex Parker (1935-2010)
Alex Scott (1937-2001)
Dennis Stevens (1933-2012)
Roy Vernon (1937-1993)
George Heslop (1940-2006). 

Hit songs from the 1960s will be played inside the stadium, while a special souvenir programme will be available in and around the ground.

Tickets are still available for the Fulham game so get down to Goodison, support the Toffees and see the hero's of the 60's as a bonus. 



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Comments about 1963 Champions Remembered v Fulham
Brian Harris was being kept out of the side at the time by the magnificent Tony Kay. Anyone who saw him will tell you he was the business, a fantastic player and a great loss to us and the game. I'm lucky enough to have met Tony several times in recent years and you wouldn't meet a nicer fellow, always has time for you. I salute all the boys of 63-true champions.
PatS, Southport, 5:19 PM 29/04/2013
Frank Jones - never a truer word said - Brian Harris for me the absolute epitomy of being a died in the wool Evertonian. And don't any of you new Blues ever ever forget the name Brian Harris. A TOP TOP MAN.Yes I saw Bally Yes I saw Alex Young Yes I saw Colin Harvey and Howie Kendall. Yes I saw Chico Scott - but as a kid in the Paddock I related to Brian Harris.
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 6:45 PM 28/04/2013
This was an Everton team to be proud of. I was there and it was great. Pity Moyes and co do not fit into the same class
Dave Smith, Arnside, 9:15 PM 26/04/2013
Apologies Paul, the memory was obviously playing tricks.
Lennie Keight, West Kirby., 7:42 PM 26/04/2013
mascot was john murray not jim
paul murray, lierpool, 6:44 PM 26/04/2013
I was a football mad 12 year old Londoner with no allegiance to any club when Everton won the league in '63. I suppose i would be classed as a glory hunter now because i thought yeah they must be good, i'll support them. Now, fifty years on, with all the ups and downs of supporting this great club, it was the best footballing decision i made in my life. Its absolutely true what Bally said. " Once Everton Has Touched You Nothing Will Be The Same "
Vic, Exiled Blue, Carshalton, 11:12 AM 26/04/2013
What about Brian Harris, great Evertonian. 1935-2008?
Frank Jones, St Helens, 9:21 AM 26/04/2013
The mascot that season was a young lad named Jimmy Murray. He was the older brother of my mate,Tony, and the family were all fantastic Evertonians. We all grew up in Walton in the 1960's, and so many happy memories of being a Toffee at this time.
Lennie, West Kirby., 8:00 PM 25/04/2013
What a brilliant time that was for us, i am old enough to remember all that. Songs from the 60's ?, err... trust Gerry and his Pacemakers don't get a look in but The Searchers were good Evertonians as i seem to recall - Needles and Pins, argh... memories.
Alan, Hinckley, 4:21 PM 25/04/2013
Let's have some interviews with them, not just a walk out on to the pitch.
wally, ormskirk, 3:53 PM 25/04/2013
My Dad, God Bless him was an Evertonian through and through as was all our family,born and bred Walton. I was there when they took that picture above , it was a wonderful feeling but dad did say to me something to me that stuck in my mind all these years, he said to me, I suppose being a true Scouser, "If we don't win anything it would be nice to see the other lot across the park win it to bring it home to the city."
Tony, Cornwall, 3:25 PM 25/04/2013
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