Fellaini Pulls Out Of Everton Two Visit
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It just goes from bad to worse!

Marouane Fellaini was due at Everton Two at 5-6pm tonight to treat fans to a merchandise signing session.

Everton have announced that this has now been 'postponed' - probably because the Belgian fears for his life after giving two fingers to the Bullens Road fans before he was substituted on Saturday!

The Club said: 'Due to unforeseen circumstances this afternoon's signing session with Marouane Fellaini at Everton two has been postponed.'

Postponed?! Probably indefinitely.

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Comments about Fellaini Pulls Out Of Everton Two Visit
In my time watching this glorious club the fans will forgive most things as long as you give them 100%. Look for instance at the Strach?(count). No great player not gifted with the talent of the wire haired one, but how the fans loved his honesty on the park with pure effort. This guy needs to understand we come to Goodison to see a squad of players if they be on the pitch for 95 or 5 minutes give us everything, cos anyone who has played this brilliant game at any level knows on the pitch you will not tollerate a lazy TWAT! As for not signing the kids autographs etc take the prick around and let him stand and wait outside a ground for his p45! Sort yourself out or go now, the same for Moyes, we will always be grateful DM but like many have said remember what you told Lescot!
Ray Wit, Wirral, 10:13 PM 12/03/2013
David Bryant, you sum up what real fans of our great club hate with a passion. As horrific as we were on Saturday, you stay behind you stay behid the team. Only want to know when we are winning.
Alan, Gwladys street, 7:23 PM 12/03/2013
I crossed swords with PN post match as he went to his car - told him he was crap and should have hung up his boots years ago. He did at least react with some passion, like a kid in the playground. "Come over here and say that" he shouted. Even as a OAP I was tempted but his minders seemed keen to stand in my way so I walked on. Then Felli came out and as he was ignoring the young autograph hunters and I waved "Bye, Bye" to him. Didn't make me feel any better but PNs apologies just sucks as phoney PR crap.
David Bryant, Liverpool, 2:59 PM 12/03/2013
Not arsed he aint turning up - he's as good as gone anyway! If players want to leave our club, then fine - players come and go, BUT...I do expect them to still put a fuckin good shift in until they depart. Stick him in the rezzies until a buyer is found.....
H, In Work, 1:05 PM 12/03/2013
Alan Prescott what a helmet. "Neville f*** off". Granted he had a shocker at the weekend but for anyone to question his desire, effort and professionalism is a moronic fool. Your the type of fan i despise. Go across the road an join the gobshites. Thick and thin. Idiot
Michael, Goodison, 9:19 AM 12/03/2013
I sit in the lower Bullens, right behind the incident. I saw Fellaini give he ball away and then turn his back on a live ball. The fans went ballistic, and rightly so. In my forty years of going to he game, I have never seen he fans turn on a player like that but I believe he deserved it. As the fans vented their anger, Fellaini gestured as if to say ' you come and try it if you think you are good enough'. At that point Mirallas had a word and dragged him away. Fellaini immediately gave a thumbs up to the fans but it was not the 'Vs' I can tell you that for sure. I noticed on the highlights later that as Fellaini walked off the pitch and down the tunnel, a fan gives him the vs which might be the point which is causing the debate about his supposed gesture towards the fans.
Joe, Warrington, 8:55 AM 12/03/2013
I remember going to the Goodison store for a Rooney merchandise signing in Summer 2004 and he didn't show. Nor did he show for the 2004/2005 PL campaign.
Matt, Sydney, 2:58 AM 12/03/2013
Saturday was bizarre and sickening. Shocking performances all round, but I only saw a complete lack of effort from one man - Felli. I was expecting Wigan to play Caldwell to rough him up a bit in an effort to get him wound up, but they didn't and he just swanned about like he couldn't be arsed. As bad as Neville was, and as numbered as his days have to be as a starting player beyond this season, I don't think his effort can be questioned. He was just shit.
Grongy, Salford, 10:25 PM 11/03/2013
Get rid.Did the same after the with wigs and felli shirts wanted his autograph,waiting in the cold weather,were he totally blanked them.not bigger than the club and he should not take his shite performance on kids.
bluey1cker, somewhere in yick, 6:34 PM 11/03/2013
The most overrated player weve ever.had and this incident just about sums this phoney fucker up but do you think that coward moyes will drop him on saturday not.a prayer. Its obvious he wants away yet that to people who pay money they.can barely.afford is nothing short of scandalous. But he doesnt give a i hope i never see him again in a hour shirt. I wont hold my breath though
cods head, walton, 6:16 PM 11/03/2013
I didn't see the incident. But if it's true he should either apologise to the fans or say he wants a transfer. His play was as bad as anyone else's, which is why he got booed like the others. He can't complain and if he does then we will be better off without him. You can't blame the fans for booing. It was a diabolical display by the whole team. They were a disgrace, and a highly paid one at that. The fans have only one other way to show their anger and that is to not pay for the rest of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if gates fell well below 30,000 now. Who's going to pay a lot of money to watch players who won't perform for ninety minutes a week?
Spectator, Crosby, 5:44 PM 11/03/2013
I have it on dubious authority that he's got writer's cramp - signing too may forms for Chelski!
Holdo, Upper Bullens, 5:39 PM 11/03/2013
he is overrated anyway and a big baby
tj, gb, 5:21 PM 11/03/2013
It was him that was booed for having a go at the fans in the bullens road ,never booed a player in my life till Saturday but he deserved it and before anyone kicks off yer so where all the others .....fuck off moyes ..fuckoff neville and fuck off fellaini you obviously dont give a shit , i thought after last years semi final we couldn't hit any lower but good old Everton proved me wrong yet again
Alan, Prescot, 5:05 PM 11/03/2013
Don’t expect he will get a good reception if he did do that, but am not surprised he pull out the way he played on Saturday, can people confirm it was him we booed off and not the decision to take him off.
mike, CHESTER, 4:40 PM 11/03/2013
After the game a woman was in the car parking area standing right next to the players car, she should have been behind the fence and not standing in that area for me but am not the stewards, she gave him a piece of her mind, shouting at him to sign the autographs for the kids , he just walked off got in his car and drove off, this lady was not very happy at that, Phil Neville also got a ear bashing as he walked to his car.
mike, CHESTER, 4:33 PM 11/03/2013
He's gone to search 24/7 for a buyer to help sell the club.
Churk, Uk, 4:27 PM 11/03/2013
He should be glad to see the fans after that performance,the whole team should be put on community service until they show they deserve the jersey
Barry, Rostrevor, 4:20 PM 11/03/2013
He needs to apologise big style. In any other business, he would be out on ear for flagging the punters.
mike, upper bullens, 4:19 PM 11/03/2013
Giving the harvey smith to the fans was his im off moment and i dont expect any good performances from him till he gets off in the summer.Get what we can for him and clear out the passengers.
Ray, Haydock, 4:14 PM 11/03/2013
Absolute disgrace! He needs to come out and show a bit of respect to us fans who've been there for him from day 1 and tell us straight, whether he wants to stay or go! Same with Moyes. All of this uncertainty is taking it's toll and showing on the pitch. Anybody remember a certain Joleon Lescott scenario? Commit or fuck off!
Steve Olifinjana, Toxteth , 3:55 PM 11/03/2013
Marouane - be a man and face up to the fans who pay your wages. You were absolutely 100% shit against Wigan. You shouldn't be giving them two should be apologizing for letting us all down. If you and a few others had shown up on the day we would now be in a semi-final against a Championship side with every possibility of an FA Cup final.
Richard, Cape Town, 3:52 PM 11/03/2013
Tara Marouanne! Ask your dad to pick a really nice team for you. I hope they look after you as well as we did. I can just see Mr Abramovic arranging a series of meeting with refs to stop you being booked,after all he is properly involved with thanking Frank Lampard for all his hard work.
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 3:43 PM 11/03/2013
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