Shandy's Lament
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Tune:  "Hawaii Five-O" Theme (You Can Count On Me)

Andy van der Meyde

Came to Everton

Stayed for several seasons

And then he was gone

He showed clever touches of class

Some folks said that he liked a glass

Or two, maybe....

(That we won't dwell on)


But Andy van der Meyde

Rarely played a game

And for a skilful player

That can be such a shame

He'd looked fine on YouTube-dot-com

Putting crosses in with aplomb

Making chances

For team mates to claim


So Andy van der Meyde

Wasn't often seen

How did he manage to fit in?

Was he really keen?

He'd been at clubs with names that were good

Ajax, Inter - Who'd think that he would

Leave fans wond'ring...

Just what might have been?


Andy van der Meyde

Made the stadium roar

When he picked out Danny

For that winning score

From a catalogue rather slim

That's one memory we'll have of him

There are so few....

Could there have been more?

Keith Richmond   

July, 2009

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