Gone But Not Forgotten
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Mikel Arteta was the best little Spaniard we knew at Everton but who is now the best little Scouser we know?

Follow, follow, follow,
Everton is the team to follow,
Ross Barkley is better,
Than Mikel Arteta,
He's the best little Scouser we know!

From 'In Like Flynn'

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Comments about Gone But Not Forgotten
What about this one for an extension of the Leighton Baines / Carly Simon number? "You're in my team and i'm proud you're a Toffee, proud you're a Toffee oh... Leighton Baines, you probably think this song is about you, Leighton Baines!!!!" one for the weekend surely
Simon, Glasgow, 11:48 AM 10/04/2012
Does anyone know the lyrics to this new Leighton Baines song in the tune of twist and shout?
Ash, Liverpool, 4:01 PM 30/10/2011
Glad to get £10 million for 29 year old and save on wage bill. Plus we won't have to see him take and fail with every set piece, hope Bainesy gets few more opportunities. Plus I was disgusted at how eager he was to leave it disappointed me after all summer he had banged on about the importance of the Everton squad not breaking up. To see him drive to Goodison to push it through was really gut wrenching. Everton need to use money to sign Felli to long deal but if he wont sign they need to get rid in January and not have prolonged Pienaar affair.
Ben Johnson, THE SWAN, 9:43 AM 23/09/2011
We need to sing for our own team, and its been a while since that has happened at Goodison. Most matches these days Goodison is quieter than a graveyard.
T-unit, Work, 8:31 PM 5/09/2011
Follow Follow Follow Everton is the team to Follow And there's nobody faster than Royston the Rasta He's the best little Dutchman we Know!
Bri Harrison, Liverpool, 10:58 AM 5/09/2011
No need to show any disrespect to one of our best players in many a year. He showed loyalty by not turning his back on us a few seasons ago. He could have gone back to Spain a long time ago to try and earn his cap, which every player wants. But Mikky stayed and he means as much to true blues as we do to him. Hope he still gets the follow,follow,follow sung on his return just like Andy Johnson did. He left for family reasons, never dissed the club or fans and he gets a good reception when at Goodison, unlike the other idiot who was born a blue and joined Utd and kisses the badge at his old ground.
Knockoff, Here n there, 9:07 PM 4/09/2011
Always disliked the Arteta Spaniard lyric - he's Basque.
Johntxu, Bill Bow, 7:14 PM 4/09/2011
Awful song, 'In Like Flynn' if that is your attitude towards a former player who gave everything he had to our club and had such nice words to say when he left to fulfill a personal ambition that he could have done years earlier but chose not to because he loved Everton then you are an embarresment to this club and I for one hope you never come to Goodison Park. Its not like he's Nick Barmby telling the club we're not good enough for him. He showed plenty of loyalty for 6 and a half years, a lot longer than most pro's these days. I'm not sure if we'll sing 'the best little spaniard' when he returns but I certainly think he will get a good reception.
Paul H, Walton, 7:00 PM 4/09/2011
Gone but not forgotten. Ok, but never mind singing for Arteta when he comes back! Try singing at the top of your voices for the boys in blue and get behind the team when they really need us to! We all know how great an atmosphere Goodison can create. well its time to make it happen! If we go one nil down then it should get louder! Time to stand up and sing if you love the Blues !
Fred, Runcorn, 3:14 PM 4/09/2011
Liam, Kirkby, 2:02 PM 4/09/2011
Mikel was a class act, one of the best players we have had for a long time. I know he was everyone's favourite too. The timing of it wasn't great I suppose but look at it like this...he could have gone years ago but he stayed and showed loyalty. I think when he took the knock in Europe back in 2005 which looked nasty and everyone was worried about him that night I don't think he ever forgot that and meant a lot ti him personally and that's why he showed us loyalty in return. I believe the club did mean a lot to him. At times like this we all need to stay together and get behind the team.
Dominic, Wirral, 1:50 PM 4/09/2011
Agree completely with post no2 - don't mock Mikel, an EFC legend - can't wait till we sing "follow follow follow" when you turn out at Goodison. All the best our best little Spanaird
Jason, Leeds, 10:55 AM 4/09/2011
I agree with with Johnny F. Arteta gave his best years to Everton so we don't need to mock him. Captain Phil set the tone on Football Focus. It's time to move on. We lost one good player who struggled to make the grade and was past his best by a long way. We have picked up two who we will just have to wait and see. I don't think Moysey will panic buy. But in general we have not done as bad as most of us thought. The papers put a lot of doom & gloom on most things when they have got nothing better to write. It's in the papers today that Ferguson wants Barkley for fuck's sake. WE ARE A GOOD TEAM. The players believe, the supporters should too.
Barrow Boys, Barrow-in-Furness, 9:32 AM 4/09/2011
Dale & In Like Flynn - have you considered supporting the shite ? They do things like burning flags, making songs up when their best player goes. Arteta was class. He's 29 with no immediate prospect of playing on the highest stage his last chance of a big move . You can't blame Kenwright or Moyes. The time was right.
Jay, Walton, 8:36 AM 4/09/2011
Would hate to hear people singing this. Show a bit of respect to Arteta. 'Arsenal are my new club but Everton are my family'
Smith, liverpool, 8:33 AM 4/09/2011
Good song. I bet they are coming up with a song for our new Argentinian airforce in the Falkland Arms, London rd. Liverpool!
Peter, Tuebrook L6, 1:32 AM 4/09/2011
That's pitiful. I know I'll be singing the original version when he comes back to Goodison. He was nothing but respectful and deserves a hero's welcome.
Bob, Aberdeen, 1:19 AM 4/09/2011
Arteta was our best midfielder in the modern era who gave us his all and loyalty plus the best years of his career. So to come up with that is a bit below the belt. The boy Barkley has the potential to be better than Mikel however.
Alex, Childwall, 12:20 AM 4/09/2011
Fantastic song with much better lyrics...maybe 'In Like Flynn' has the X Factor
Dale Young, Darlington, 10:26 PM 3/09/2011
No need to mock Arteta now that he is not with us anymore. I think he left at the right time and so does he. We got the best years out of him and with the players coming through he would out been pushed out of the team soon enough anyway. He wanted to leave on a high and in my opinion he did. Good Luck Arteta and thanks for all those loyal years!
Johny F, Ireland, 9:58 PM 3/09/2011
Please God no...
Nik, Luton, 8:51 PM 3/09/2011
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