I Want Curly Hair Too
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Marouane Fellaini (To The Andy Williams Tune "Can't Take My Eyes Off You")

I love Fellaini
You are the love of my life
I love Fellaini
I'd let you shag my Wife
Marouane Fellaini
I Want Curly Hair Too

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Comments about I Want Curly Hair Too
If we're on the subject of clubs stealing songs how about Tottenham singing if you know your history? I kid you not, I heard it on Match of the Day on Saturday then again on ITV when they played Madrid at White Hart Lane. Not sure what they put in for the 'we dont care what the red shite say' bit as their fans couldn't hold the song that long, not to mention no 'its a grand old team' at the beginning neither.
Paul H, Walton, 7:34 PM 14/04/2011
Can't believe the 'Our Fellaini' chant has'nt caught on to the tune of 'My Fair Lady'! Destined Classic! No originality problems there!
Mike G, London, 4:07 PM 14/04/2011
Get over yourselves! Fans have been stealing each others chants for years!
Kate, Liverpool, 8:36 AM 4/11/2010
This is complete nonsense shut up Geordies we've been singing it since April 2009 Villa away and we stole it off United. This is totally ridiculous get a grip most of the people that don't even go to matches. As they say they've been singing it since the start of last season 2009/2010. We've been singing it since the season they went down and we robbed if off United. I've got loads of songs to start but Everton fans don't even bother to sing anymore than one chant except in the concourse.
Chris, Liverpool, 5:28 PM 3/09/2010
Thought it went .... Marouane Fellaini you are the love of my life Marouane Fellaini I'd let you shag my Wife Marouane Fellaini I Want Curly Hair Too this tune has been round years, united sing it for Hargreaves.
Glynn, Sheffield, 1:41 PM 3/09/2010
How about Maourane Fellaini, He's over six foot 2, Maourane Fellaini, He is our belgian blue, Marouane Fellaini, I want curly hair too
Dan, Liverpool, 1:54 PM 2/09/2010
Thats funny we were singing it at wembley for the semi's and final. Albeit a slightly different version.
bluemunky, Lanc, 1:18 PM 2/09/2010
Its a rip off of newcastles song... what about the same tune but: Marouane Fellaini, You cost a bit too much, Marouane Fellaini, But you've got the scoring touch, Marouane Fellaini, We wouldn't be without youuuu......
Graham, Kirkby, 12:51 PM 2/09/2010
That's funny were singin that in Lisbon last October
Mark, Widnes, 12:41 PM 2/09/2010
He ain't fucking going nowhere near my wife!
Ryan, Bourners, 12:39 PM 2/09/2010
We have been singing this song since we got to the final in wembley, actually before that so were not stealing other clubs chants!
Toffee Boy, Bootle, 11:27 AM 2/09/2010
To be fair West Ham sang it about Christian Dailly years ago so dunno why the barcodes are claiming it as their original.
Ste, Fazakerley, 10:49 AM 2/09/2010
Seem to remember singing this down at wembley for the semi against the mancs, think that predates the toon!
Graeme, Bootle, 10:02 AM 2/09/2010
Fellaini's been at Everton for 2 years and this isn't a new song, it's been sung at away matches since the season the barcodes went down
Yozz, Liverpool, 9:24 AM 2/09/2010
I don't know who came up with it first but we were singing it last season aswell.
Steve, Liverpool, 8:59 AM 2/09/2010
That's Newcastle's song for Fabricio Coloccini make up something new, stop stealing other clubs chants
John, Birmingham, 8:30 AM 2/09/2010
The Geordies have been singing this song about Colocinni for a year now. Taint no Toffee original shanty. Tis a great song nontheless. Wish you guys well - apart from when you play the Toon :)
Doctapaul, Newcastle, 8:27 AM 2/09/2010
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