Blue Kipper - How it all began
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Today is the last day we will be publishing articles on the site. In this one we are going to look back at when it all started. We had done a few match reports for the pre-season friendlies, but we started with a report and photos of the fans around the ground and in the Park End when we went along to the Joe Parkinson testimonial - A 3-1 win over Man sitteeh on 12th Aug 2000.

This was the Everton team that day: Gerrard, | S. Watson, Weir, Unsworth, Pistone, | Alexandersson, Nyarko, Pembridge, S. Hughes, | M. Hughes, Jeffers. |

Subs Gravesen for Alexandersson, Gascoigne for S. Hughes, Moore for M. Hughes, Parkinson for Nyarko, Dunne for Weir.

On that day we got the idea of going in a different pub on a matchday and take photos of the fans. Top Toffee ale 'ouse was born. Orry's and The Tramway (sadly shut down now) were a couple of the first we did and slowly we got requests from fans to go to their ale ouse. It was a great laugh doing this and Jogger got the odd free pint.

Over the season we started to get lots of e-mail's from Everton fans moaning about the club, Walter Smith, and anything Everton so we dedicated a page to them.

We also had our own Everton Fan Agony Uncle, "Captain Haddock" who used to reply to some of the mails. He only lasted a few seasons though. Some of the first topics he got involved with was "The Michael Ball Richard Dunne Saga", Unsey's possible transfer to Newcastle and Stephen Hughes. Remember him.

The other part of the site, which also took off big time was Jogger's Snapshots - Photos of Everton fans all over the world showing their colours.

We also got a lucky break when Kipper bumped into Richard Gough in The Left Back restaurant in Penny Lane asked for an interview and got it.

To end our first season Goughie joined the lovely Brian Labone and our first Blue Kipper Star Man, Michael Ball at The Taxi Club for a fiver.

Happy Days! Up The Toffees!

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Comments about Blue Kipper - How it all began
A big thank you to all involved in putting this great site together.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 7:44 PM 3/07/2015
Sad news thanks to you guys I felt like I was always back home reading your blog. Love Micky blue eyes articles. Loved the humour and banter the pessimistic, optimistic and the passion of everyone. Although being dyslexic I won't miss the verify thing Good luck for the future. Al
bassman , Australia , 1:20 AM 2/07/2015
I will consider this to be the partial death of the large Blue Dog I carry on my back and in my heart at all times.
John T , Bristol, 2:30 PM 1/07/2015
Thanks for all the info, laughs, arguments over the past few years. Will miss my daily read. Best website ever - will need to make do with Grand Old Team now - the only site anywhere near to the kipper. God luck to you all
Joe, Workington, 8:33 PM 30/06/2015
The best site by far less serious and more fun, bluer than blue. You will be missed maybe you can make a comeback......when we find the Arteta money. Good luck to you all ONWARD EVERTONIANS
billy, winsfrd, 12:44 PM 30/06/2015
Thanks lads
Ken, Rhyl, 10:48 AM 30/06/2015
Thanks for your work guys. Good luck for the future. You'll be missed by all Evertonians.
Paul, Warrington, 10:15 AM 30/06/2015
Will miss you guys but fully understand your position. It's a huge commitment doing what you do. Thanks for all you have done over the years.
John Quirk, Offshore, Ireland, 9:01 AM 30/06/2015
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