Bob Latchford Autobiography
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deCoubertin Books are delighted to announce that it will publish Bob Latchford's long-awaited autobiography, A Different Road, in September.

Latchford joins fellow Everton Millennium Giants Neville Southall, Dave Hickson and Howard Kendall on the deCoubertin authors' list. He has been working on his collaboration with deCoubertin Books' founder and principal, James Corbett.

Over 11 consecutive seasons of top-flight football, between 1972 and 1983, Latchford scored more league goals than any other First Division player. A British transfer record holder and icon of his era, for fans of Everton, Birmingham City, Swansea City and England Latchford was a man who truly 'walked on water'.

And yet, despite being one of the most prominent footballers of his era, Latchford remained uneasy with his fame and the focus it brought. Only now, nearly three decades after he last played professional football, has Latchford decided for the first time to put his life story down on paper.

In this thoughtful and revealing autobiography, Latchford takes us through his hugely successful career, but also the challenges, uncertainties and joy he experienced off the pitch. A man who has always allowed his heart to rule his destiny, A Different Road is a rare thing: a deeply honest and poignant account of a life in and out of football, showing a human face to a hero that few could ever imagine.

'I wanted to provide a testimony so that future generations of football fans and my family can look back at and understand the times I lived and played in,' said Bob Latchford. 'I hope it will show my true character and provide an understanding of my person and the decisions that I made on my life's journey.'

'I've been talking to Bob about this project for nearly five years and I'm so very glad he decided to work with me,' said James Corbett. 'He's thoughtful, modest and erudite; a distinctive and revealing voice on one of football's most compelling eras. I've no doubt football fans of all ages will warm to him and his story.' 


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Comments about Bob Latchford Autobiography
He was superb! will put that on my list for Father Christmas,
Alex Ross, Tooting , 2:21 PM 16/06/2015
My all time favourite Everton player. Started going the season after Big Bob signed for us & he was my hero! Going to buy this or drop massive hints to my kids, though don't think i could wait till christmas for it. Met him for the 1st time in 2006,always side if i ever did, i'd kiss his feet, i told him i loved him instead!! An absolute gent!
David, Liverpool 14, 12:52 PM 14/06/2015
Will be a great read. I'll never forget the season he scored 30 goals. That was also a good team to watch. Victory at QPR stands out.
Woody, Old Swan, 8:43 AM 13/06/2015
Gilt edged heading of the highest order. His greatest gift was that he didn't look as if he knew where the goal was.. So many defenders got him wrong.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:26 PM 12/06/2015
Best forward ever
Steve, Eastham wirral, 12:59 PM 12/06/2015
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