How To Follow Everton Over 15 Years On Blue Kipper
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After 15 years on the interweb, Blue Kipper will finish at the end of June.

Last season was hard to keep the articles going on a daily basis. We are all getting older and wanting to do other things with our time. So rather than just toddle about playing at it, we are packing it in.

Little did we think that when we started the site at Joe Parkinson's testimonial in 2000 that we'd have so much fun arsing around on an Everton fans website for 15 years.

From taking snaps in the "Top Toffee Ale 'oues" around the ground, to having over 50 former players entertaining us on the pallets in "The Blue Kipper Lounge" no matter which pub it was based in.

A BIG Thanks to all the Everton fans who came to our Blue Kipper Do's over the years. We've taken Everton players to Ellesmere Port to Rhyl. From Liverpool to Jersey spreading the word.

The 1st Blue Kipper End Of Season Presentation Night with Gordon West, Brian Labone, Richard Gough and The Bluekipper Starman for 2000 Michael Ball for a fiver a ticket at The Taxi Club was unbelievable.

There are many, many other nights we remember fondly, the Blue Kipper Icon Dinners with Sharpy, the lovely Joe Royle and the majestic Alex Young.

We especially enjoyed having 600 Toffees in The Olympia seeing Phil Jagielka crowned as The Bluekipper Starman for 2009 with Graeme Sharp, Pat Nevin, Graham Stuart, Derek Mountfield, Joe Parkinson, Kevin Ratcliffe, Dan Gosling, and Dave Hickson in attendance. A fantastic experience.

We were told early on not to meet your Everton idols as you will be disappointed as they are merely ordinary people.

We met them anyway and have over 50 interviews with Everton Stars on the site. We can honestly say they are special fellas - From Derek Temple to Joseph Yobo. From Colin Harvey to Duncan Ferguson.

We've also met Evertonians from all over the world who will remain friends forever.

Over the past 15 years, Blue Kipper has raised, with your help, over £35,000 for various charities including 'Everton In The Community' at fund raising nights, online auctions and playing at Goodison Park.

We've loved every minute of it. There are many people to say thanks for helping us on our journey.

Thanks to ALL the Everton fans who have written articles or match reports for Blue Kipper over the years. We worked out that there are over 150 Toffees who have helped with the site, the forum and Bluekipper FC. Cheers!

Thanks to the thousands of Evertonians who have sent photos from around the world for jogger's snapshots, young toffees, Show us yer tatts and more.

Thanks to all the Everton fans who travelled with us on our flights to watch Everton in Europe. Nuremberg, Bergin, Fiorentina, Benfica and Kharkiv. Too many great memories!

We'd especially like to thank Mickey Blue Eyes for writing pages and pages of stuff, our mate Chris Melia for his continued help over the years and Darren Griffiths for helping us contact the players.

So thats it! 

Sausage has now decided to start a religious sect in outer Mongolia for Stella drinking pensioners. 

Lard has become a full time marathon runner.

Ernie has devised a new magic potion to make people grow 6 inches in height and is selling it on Greaty market.

Jogger has set up a Gin Club in Florida Keys with his new best mate Pete The Pelican. 

Kipper is now fully committed to travelling the World on the cider train as well becoming a full time chicken farmer.

Rest assured we will all still be following our first love Everton when the season starts again.

Ta to all the Evertonians who have logged on to Blue Kipper over the 15 years. 

Up The Toffees! 

Email Bluekipper at enquiries@bluekipper.com

Comments about How To Follow Everton Over 15 Years On Blue Kipper
Thanks for everything lads, what a great site this has been. Will be sorely missed. Good Luck to you all and all Blues for the future. COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eddieparkend, Real World, 12:24 PM 2/07/2015
All good things come to an end but that does not make it any easier. Just like our club's illustrious history you will be remembered with pride. All the very best to each and every one of you for the future. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. C.O.Y.B.B.
Irish Gerry McDonnell, Glasgow, 10:52 PM 30/06/2015
Enjoyed many a time in the lounge and checked site regularly be missed
Don , West Derby , 9:18 PM 30/06/2015
Thank you for everything you have done for us Everton fans... I'm saddened to see bluekipper going.... Best of luck for the futute
Tipperary blue, Ireland, 7:19 PM 30/06/2015
Thanks lads enjoy your time away, sorry to see you go, fond memories of 15 years of Blue talk. Wishing you and yours all good wishes.
Tony, Upper Bullens, 6:38 PM 29/06/2015
Thank you!
JSWEENEY17, USA, 4:57 PM 29/06/2015
Gutted. Thanks for keeping us all amused and informed over the years. The site will be sorely missed. All the best. COYB
Steve, Dumfries, 11:57 AM 26/06/2015
Absolutely gutted. Its a great site and where I go before looking at anything else. I wish you guys all the best with whatever your off to do, life won't be the same without bluekipper
Paul, Scotland, 6:05 AM 26/06/2015
Gutted to read this News But I understand (getting older myself) Thanks for the laughs and Enjoyment over the years This was the first Everton web site i went on when we got Tinternet in the sticks.One thing that i am concerned about is Who is going to look after Snouty Or have you got him lined up to front Top Gear ? Once again thanks for Everything
Lawrence Kelly, Uttoxeter Staffs, 12:53 PM 21/06/2015
All the best for the future to each of you. You will be sorely missed. Thanks
James , Chester, 8:09 PM 17/06/2015
Lifes a bitch. Where are us in outer Cumbria gonna get our goss now? Anyway all the best Steve and the boys see you in the alehouse.
LAMMY, KENDAL, 2:56 PM 17/06/2015
Everyone at kipper i'm gutted you're calling it a day & will miss this great site, from putting on my comments to displaying pic's of my kids & nephews thanks, you've been marvelous! Onwards & upwards good luck lads, you made me happy ,when my royal blue sky was grey!
David, Liverpool 14, 8:02 PM 15/06/2015
Know one likes to see their best player hang up his boots but when they do, out of nowhere the next generation come along so hope you have another gang of Evertonian's who you can pass on the mantle to while you guide from above. COYB
Chris Simpson, Everton, 8:44 AM 15/06/2015
James, Tewkesbury , 7:05 PM 14/06/2015
1st ever comment on this site although I live and breath it. Gutted doesn't sum it up - like I've lost Someone. Can we pay you to continue? Coyb Ffs
Matt Faers , Lincoln , 8:59 PM 13/06/2015
I hoped this was a delayed bluekipper-style April fools. But no, it's the end of a wonderful chapter and I thank you for your commitment over so many years. There was something cathartic about switching the computer on and heading straight to bluekipper. All the best lads.
Peter kilroy, Liverpool, 9:52 AM 13/06/2015
You guys kept us informed down here in the South Pacific, and we are so grateful of that. Your humour and attention to detail and especially your knowledge and love of our favourite team was so evident. Thanks heaps guys. Wish you all the best. You are definitely true Blues.
Kiwi, NZ, 9:47 AM 13/06/2015
Would I prefer Blue Kipper to stay or RM to go - the fact that I even have to ask that question is the highest compliment I can pay to all those at BK.
John T, Bristol, 9:40 AM 13/06/2015
: o No way!! This is truly devastating....... Absolutely gutted BK is going : ( ! I echo the sentiments of fellow Evertonians stated below..... It's like Big Dunc leaving..... Losing a close relative.... Going to miss this site ALOT! By far the best site for Blues news. I would like to say please reconsider, but I am grateful for all the memories and laughs. Thanks a lot for everything lads, I salute you. Bravo
SharpYoungDixie, Seaforth, 1:57 AM 13/06/2015
Cheers for the site over the years lads.
Deggsy R, Bebington, 6:30 PM 12/06/2015
Quite simply Thank You Boys!
Gazza, Wellingborough, 4:32 PM 12/06/2015
This should not be happening,no matter how heated some of the exchanges get,it's a brilliant website and i enjoy reading the diverse responses the topics provoke.Don't use age as an excuse,i and everyone else acknowledge what it takes to sustain it,but don't hurl in the blue towel,not yet,this site was also born and not manufactured.Too many people would miss it,me included,so go away,get some sun on your 9-10-Jacks and commence the blue revolution again.I'm not having it,onwards and upwards again.Your People Need You!!!
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:22 PM 12/06/2015
Why....don't leave me, we can get married, have a baby..? Thanks lads, a great site for all things Everton, not sure how Ill fill he gap..?
Pete, Morecambe, 3:10 PM 12/06/2015
So sad BK closing down had many a good laugh reading all the contributions, bit like losing a close well loved relative
Bill T, Bootle, 1:56 PM 12/06/2015
No no no? You Can't Do It!
Rob Schneider, USA USA USA, 12:25 PM 12/06/2015
Really sad to read this.. Cheers for the laughs and rants loved it! All the best Steve with the chicken farming haha ..see you at the barbi all being well. Oh ment to say "show us ya tatts!" Much love always. UP THE TOFFEES!!!
Monica, leicester, 11:47 AM 12/06/2015
Absolutely gutted you're going. Best site by a mile for any news about Everton. Thanks for everything you've done over the years. Christ knows where I'm going to get my daily EFC fix now.
Gary Healey, Dover, 11:38 AM 12/06/2015
Gutted, I've been reading the site since I was 13 (26 now). I think I'll miss the fishy news most. Many thanks lads and best of luck with your future endeavours.
Aaron, Bath, 11:28 AM 12/06/2015
Real shame. Really enjoyed site. Aristotle and Socrates etc can rest in peace. No more Mickey Blue Eyes
JD , Parkgate, 9:49 AM 12/06/2015
Gutted that the site is closing no other site cones anywhere near. It's Everton selling Big Dunc devastating it truly is!! Thank you for your hard work and all the best! So long and thanks for all the kippers!!
Andrew, Liverpool, 9:12 AM 12/06/2015
In a word - sad. My thoughts and feelings on 11th June 2015. Blue Kipper was the peoples input and views on the beautiful game played by our Peoples Club. It was these views that were loaded with the wit, humour and true School of Science knowledge of not only the performances of our gladiators but the 'behind the scenes' information and interviews providing us with solid untainted reports. But apart from the honesty , they were fun. As we used to say, I was - 'creased with laffin' or 'laffed so much I was in bulk'. Good luck to all who were involved and espesh MBE and Kipper :)
John Leonard, East Sussex, 8:45 AM 12/06/2015
2000. What did we have? RS, the fanzines. But online? Very little. Me, I trawled the AOL footy fan pages. But then came Blue Kipper and an online outlet for my blue obsession. BK blossomed and blossomed becoming a beautiful monster. Thanks guys for a brilliant 15 years. The end of year awards were magnificent. So pleased to say I know a few of you personally. But as George said, all things must pass - we move on. Thank you all so much. Bet you can't keep away too long! Trev the Blackrod Blue and proud Chorley Toffee
Trevor Edwards, Blackrod (though currently in that France), 7:46 AM 12/06/2015
Gutted to hear you are going. Bluekipper has always been the first website I'd check the minute I come into work every morning. What will I do now?? Best of luck for the future lads.
John, Limerick, 7:43 AM 12/06/2015
Very sad to see you go lads, always my first site to go to for news of my beloved blues, brilliant website and great articles. Best wishes for the future & thanks for all the laughs. COYB!
Paul Davies, Worcester, 5:51 AM 12/06/2015
Sorry to see this come to an end.....C..O.Y.B.K..
John Orourke , Dublin , 2:33 AM 12/06/2015
Followed the Kipper for 15 years while living in America. Sent Shite photos from Honduras and other places. Loved the site and all the Lads. Even called my dog Kipper after the site. I will miss the site dearly--all the best Lads!! Check out Kippermac playing footie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBrtaM_6Txo
Sean McNamara, Cleveland, Ohio, 12:16 AM 12/06/2015
Sad to see the site go. Always kept me informed and entertained about the best club on the planet. Thanks to all concerned for 15 fantastic years. COYB. NSNO
Peter Bester, Spalding, 11:57 PM 11/06/2015
All the very best chaps. Founding year forum contributer and one time site advertiser here, absent for 9+ years but still frequently see lads I met through this great site every match day ! Highlight for me was the awards night with Paul mac leading the 'and we love our...' song with rooneys mum sat between the two of us. Hoogie and John Geraghty pouring whisky into my sleeping mouth in a hostel rounded off a great night ! Close second was the Nuremberg trip but that loses out due the dodgy landing back at John Lennon!! Farwell COYB Jon
Jon(boy) Griffiths, Matlock, 11:19 PM 11/06/2015
Cheers for all the years of graft...kept us all updated wherever we were...
Tony Lanzablue, on loan in Tenerife, 10:52 PM 11/06/2015
Gutted. This website has been a constant source of information and entertainment to me for over a decade, I think I first came across it in 2002 and spent a lot of time on the old forum...mainly when I was supposed to be working! All the best kippers, thanks for everything :-)
Jon, Leeds, 10:19 PM 11/06/2015
Gutted to hear about the end of the site lads, always a great read! Had some great nights at the Olympia and the Adelphi that I'll never forget!! Good luck with the future and Come on you Blues!!!!!
Gilly, West Derby, 10:09 PM 11/06/2015
Best of luck lads and thanks for all the fun, facts, and wonderful betting advice! You'll be missed and will continue to wear my BK badge with pride.
TommyKB, Kildare, Ireland, 10:00 PM 11/06/2015
Does that mean Bluekipper clobber will be half price? All the best lads...you'll be sincerely missed!
DinoF, Jockopalypse, 9:41 PM 11/06/2015
Sad to hear it's the end but massive congratulations for delivering such a superb site over the past 15 years, Bluekipper you will be missed. Thanks for taking the edge off with a dose of humour when needed (and it was needed on occasion!), and also celebrating with us during the good times! May there be many more ahead! Best of luck for the future! Coyb
A, US, 9:36 PM 11/06/2015
Sad to see the kipper going,will always have fond memories .Tara lads
doog, tenerife, 9:35 PM 11/06/2015
Loved bluekipper chaps... Genuinely gutted you're calling time. All the best in whatever your future ventures may be...
Stuart Shaw, Prenton, 9:24 PM 11/06/2015
Sad news lads. Thanks for everything you have done. Always best place to get EFC news with true supporter viewpoints.
Ian Hilton, St. helens, 9:18 PM 11/06/2015
Brilliant effort over the years lads. Thanks for everything. You've made lot of Evertonians very happy. COYB!!!
Gerard Ryan, Huntingdon, 9:04 PM 11/06/2015
Say it ain't so.
Gerry Morrison, Los Angeles (and Bootle), 8:51 PM 11/06/2015
as one of the original posters and forum contributors, id like to say thank you. Had some brilliant laughs and nights out, also would not have most of the brilliant mates i have now who i met through the site. All good things come to an end. Do one you cycling pencils (older forum members will understand this) Hoogs x
Hoogie, blackpool, 8:43 PM 11/06/2015
Really sorry to read this lads but quite understand. The effort it must have taken over the years to keep it going is a real credit to you all. You will be sorely missed. Thanks for everything. COYB!!!
Gerard Ryan, Huntingdon, 8:40 PM 11/06/2015
Boys, so sorry to learn you're packin up. I can't even begin to thank you for letting me into the Green Room to meet my all time idol The Golden Vision. Thanks for a great site, best of luck to you all whatever you get up to. For ever in the faith COYB (ps CAN I HAVE MY BLUE KIPPER WIND SOCK BACK NOW!)
PETER RIGBY, Knotty Ash, 8:38 PM 11/06/2015
So gutted boys, from our first meet at Top Toffee Ale 'Ouse The Top House Walton Village, to that never to be forgotten meeting the Golden Vision in the Green Room at the Adelphi (I still fill up remembering it) I've enjoyed reading most of the articles even if I didn't agree with them. Best of luck to you all whatever you get up to with the rest of your lives, forever in the faith COYB!
Peter Rigby, Knotty Ash, 8:35 PM 11/06/2015
Gutted! Thanks for the laughs, the rants and blocking all them comments of mine I'm sure one or two I'd have cringed at if they'd have got through! You kicked the lilly snot out of Toffeeweb and inspired Evertoinians worldwide to let rip into any player who wasn't playing their best that day to idolising our once unsung heroes for all the world to see....Gutted!
doug, Liverpool, 8:06 PM 11/06/2015
Lads. This was the one i went to before the official, before newsnow, before toffeweb, before them all. Thanks for it all lads. Thanks a fuck load.
Philo Beddo, Wokingham, 8:04 PM 11/06/2015
Lads. This was the one i went to before the official, before newsnow, before toffeweb, before them all. Thanks for it all lads. Thanks a fuck load.
Philo Beddo, Wokingham, 8:02 PM 11/06/2015
Shame that lads. Always enjoyed Kipper and in particular the forum. Our forum started when the kipper forum went down. Shame you can't keep the main site going some how. I know that many Evertonians still look at the site to get the latest news. All the best from us at http://www.theevertonforum.co.uk Thanks for the entertainment
snoopjiggyjigg, SY, 7:59 PM 11/06/2015
Great website, loved the articles and the craic with the well informed posters. I understand that the demands to keep this site up to its high standards must take it toll, but i wish to thank all connected with it all the best.
Life will never be the same. You gave us all great belly laughs but great intensive stories. The web site was a credit to you all and all that you did. What will I do for my daily dose. ETID. COYB. NSNO
David Bennett , Mobberley , 7:31 PM 11/06/2015
Thanks lads,won a couple of prizes over the years,great laughs provided on the site over the years,proper Evertonian humour,cheers again for the memories fella's!!!
Derek Sullivan, Southport, 6:37 PM 11/06/2015
Just want to say a huge thank you to all the bluekipper gang for the laughs over the years.I'm proud to say from the first time myself and Donna met you ladsmany moons ago we've been friends ever since.Thanks for all you've done for us.See you soon for an ale!!!
Joe and Donna O'Reilly, Dublin, 5:45 PM 11/06/2015
No please tell me it can,t b true. I have had such pleasure and enjoyment, heated debates and party piece points to make since following this site. I was diagnosed with m.s. the same time your site started up. I have filled my otherwise depressing days with laughter. Become opinionated on matters of football v unbecoming to a lady. Do I care Not at all! I have many badges and a Wayne Rooney signed Bluekipper T Shirt. I will always have positive,memories of Bluekipper. Thanks from the bottom of my Blue Heart. NSNO & UR xxx
Lindsey , Lydiate, 5:42 PM 11/06/2015
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