President Obama Tells Everton Keeper Tim Howard To Shave His Beard Off
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Following Tim Howard's world class performance in Brazil, the media coverage has gone 'out of this world' as the yanks would say.

The Everton keeper pulled off a World Record 16 saves in the 2-1 defeat to Belgium.

Social media has gone bonkers with Twitter having its "things Tim Howard could save" with thousands of fans joining in.

With TV audiences in the USA beating all records the nation seems to have finally got the hang of 'Soccer'.

Even USA President Obama phoned Tim and USA skipper Clint Dempsey up to congratulate them.

President Barack Obama said: "Tim, I don't know how your going to survive the mobs when you come back home man, you're going to have to shave your beard so they don't know who you are."

Tim said: "None of that really matters to me.

"I signed up to do that, to put my face in front of balls. If I had no saves or 20 saves it doesn't mean any more or less. It hurts when we lose.

"We dreamed and we fell short of our dream but we got out of the group of death playing well and came up against a top Belgium side.

"Hats off to the way we played. We are hungry, we have tasted what it's like to play against the best in the world and we will be back.

"It's heartbreaking. I don't think we could have given any more. We left it all out there. We got beaten by a really good team. They took their chances well. It's heartache, it hurts.

"But hats off to Belgium, they were fantastic. They brought big Rom on and he was a handful, he ran at us, scored a goal, created chances for other guys. Big Rom changed the game." 

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Comments about President Obama Tells Everton Keeper Tim Howard To Shave His Beard Off
#1 unfortunately our PR team move as swiftly as a drunken sloth seeking out a sofa after an all day Saturday session ,it would be a great opportunity to spread the fabric over the other side of the Atlantic and raise our profile #COYB wake up and smell the soap Kenwright
Ian , Prescot , 6:22 PM 7/07/2014
This guy is so hot Right now!
doug, liverpool, 4:08 PM 5/07/2014
Totally agree Mark strike while the iron is hot, get over to US and play LA Galaxy or Red Bull with Timmy Cahill what a game tat would be.
Ann, NZ, 7:11 AM 4/07/2014
I think they need a hastily arranged US preseason tour to take Tim to the masses.
mark, north wales, 8:25 PM 3/07/2014
If our P.R. team et al don't try to get this bandwagon moving they should be ashamed. Opportunity has knocked Hughie!
Jaygee, In the shadows., 5:08 PM 3/07/2014
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