Martinez Tips The World Cup Underdogs
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Roberto Martinez tipped Columbia before the World Cup started and they face hosts Brazil in the quarter final tomorrow night.

As a commentator with ESPN, Roberto has been a big hit. Whereas we have to put up with Adrian Chiles.
Wonder if the Everton manager has had a word with any of their players about the wonders of playing in the Premier league.

Roberto said: "Colombia were one of the teams I was most looking forward to seeing in this World Cup, but it was easy, after their talismanic forward Radamel Falcao was ruled out by a cruciate knee ligament, to believe that perhaps their chance had gone. 

"Even without the Monaco striker, though, they look like the most perfectly balanced team in this World Cup, a side with the physicality and strength needed to cope in the modern game, but infused with a spark of creativity and imagination too. It has been a pleasure to watch them reach the quarter-finals. 

"Of course, there is James Rodríguez, possibly the outstanding individual of the tournament. He has all the attributes to be a big star. He has long been seen as a player of huge potential - that is why Monaco spent so much money to sign him from Porto last summer - but this is the stage he has needed to show the world. It is always a pleasure to watch a true No. 10 such as him, a player with an eye for a pass, so much creativity and the ability to score goals.

"It was telling that Falcao, their most famous player, was present for their opening game, greeting each of his teammates in the tunnel before they faced Greece. That shows how close they are. His absence has provided Colombia with a challenge, given them a determination to prove they can succeed even without their natural leader. They are rising to it.

"It is a shame, in many ways, that this game has come now, when it would make a tantalising semi-final or final." 

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Comments about Martinez Tips The World Cup Underdogs
Our manager is so cool, we see all the other clubs running around signing art, bart and fargo. Can't wait for the magic Roberto to start this transfer window....
Glyn Davies, Wallasey, 9:29 AM 4/07/2014
If you could bring Mr Rodriguez back in your suitcase, Bob, that'd be lovely.
Jon, Leeds, 10:13 PM 3/07/2014
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