Howard Swaps Shirts With Lukaku After Epic World Cup Game
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Tim Howard was man of the match after making 16 saves - a record in the World Cup, in one of the best games of this fantastic World Cup in Brazil.

The final score was USA 1 Belgium 2. Romelu Lukaku scored the winner for Belgium as he and Belgium's other super sub Kevin Mirallas came on to make a big difference.

Belgium now meet Argentina in the quarter finals.  

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Comments about Howard Swaps Shirts With Lukaku After Epic World Cup Game
I was supporting Belgium and Tim Howard. Belgium have the best players on paper, they may be a slow burner and they are preferable to the nightmare scenario of Argentina or Germany as eventual winners.
John T, Bristol, 1:07 PM 3/07/2014
Great display from Tim. Like anybody he has his weaknesses but none of them showed in that match. Looks like the Americans have found a genuine hero!
Paul, Warrington, 10:46 AM 3/07/2014
Tim Howard, what a legend. So proud of him and proud that he is one of our own. It's been nearly thirty years since we've been able to say this, but I think we could rightfully claim to have the best goalkeeper in the world.
Dave, Shrewsbury, 7:56 PM 2/07/2014
Yedlin or Fabian Johnson would be great buys, Besler is 27 now but he looked very good too. Seeing as he's used to playing for a good team (Roma) Bradley on loan during the MLS close season wouldn't be a bad shout either.
Liam, Liverpool, 7:27 PM 2/07/2014
Always said Howard is 1 of the best keepers around. Agree with a couple of posters on here that we should look to capitalise on this moment. Not sure how exactly but quite like the idea of signing Yedlin, how will he feel knowing we have Coleman as first choice though?
alpha1, england, 6:03 PM 2/07/2014
i have always said Tim is the best since Big Nev, and one of the best over the past 8 years or so in the PL. Never understood those who criticised him, and under Roberto and the new back room team, he has just had his best season for us. With his attitude and fitness i don't see why he won't have a few more great years in goal for us.
Biffa, West Sussex, 2:37 PM 2/07/2014
It was an incredible game easily the best so far. If there's anything better, bring it on!
Spectator, Crosby, 2:27 PM 2/07/2014
Proud to see all the Blue boys do so well last night, Tim proving he's one of the best in the world, Kev showing his speed and touch, and Luka showing why he is the beast. Anyone who thinks we shouldn't attempt to sign this lad is blind, I know it's a longshot but we need him more than ever. I see his price going up as we speak. Have a word Timmy, get the beast to sign please!!!! It has been good to hear our clubs name on the box over and over during the cup, I see a lot more Everton supporters coming our way over here. COYB.
VirginiaBlue, Virginia, USA, 2:01 PM 2/07/2014
One quality game of the highest order,played in the manner any footballing fan would wish to witness.This is what makes the game the best on the planet,and untouchable when in comparison to other sports.Wanted the U.S.A. to go on and take the spoils.This country is not far off from making even huger strides on the World Scene,cajoled and inspired by a coach in the Roberto mould.This nation has made amazing leaps in progress since it's "Soccer is a Kick in the Grass"promo's in the early 70's.As a nation has a vast melting pot of cultures to compete with it's chosen 3 of Grid Iron,Baseball and Basketball,and maybe one day leave them in arrears.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 1:50 PM 2/07/2014
Agree with Tony #3, that Yedlin at RB might be a shrewd investment.
Andy , Warrington, 1:09 PM 2/07/2014
how lucky we are to have Tim Howard, enjoy your holiday and see you next season. best 3 players on the pitch..Tim, Kev, Rom.. COYB
bitter, Liverpool, 12:56 PM 2/07/2014
That deandro yedlin looked class- right back / winger. Probably wouldnt cost the earth
Huge Goose, Broadmoor, 12:51 PM 2/07/2014
Best performance by an American goalie since Sylvester Stallone - another blue boy!
Rob, Liverpool, 10:07 AM 2/07/2014
Great game..now if Everton have any commercial sense after profile given to America by our fantastic Tim then we should sign up one of the USA team, preferably the right back!
Tony, Aigburth, 8:46 AM 2/07/2014
What a game!!!!!!!
w, warwicks, 7:30 AM 2/07/2014
Sorry lads but I wanted Belgium to go out with a quiet whimper ie definitely NOT Kev and rom coming on and lighting the game up. Purely selfish Everton reasons, no sudden transfer interest in Kev and Rom getting difficult to sign. No one is signing Tim let's face it no matter how far USA would have gone. Bugger.
Bruiser ray, Donny, 7:28 AM 2/07/2014
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