Everton To Keep Playing The Martinez Way
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World Champions Spain were knocked out of the World Cup in Brazil and loads of commentators said it was the death knell of Tiki Taki footy.

Everton's newest international doesn't agree.

Stonesy said: "I disagree with that.

"How many trophies have Barca and Spain won? They have their style and you can only try and do something similar with your team.

"Aspects of our game we do like them, but as Everton we are unique and we've got what the gaffer has taken from the likes of Barca but with our own stamp on it.

"I'm sure Evertonians are liking how we're playing; attractive football but also getting results and that's what we need to carry on doing.

"For our style of play we love to be comfortable on the ball and hurt teams with possession.

"We can all do that. But as a defender you've got to have a clean sheet mentality first and foremost, then you can get on the ball and play out.

"As much as I want to get on the ball, keeping a clean sheet for the team is an equal priority. They're as important."  

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Comments about Everton To Keep Playing The Martinez Way
Nah. Bring back the hoof! I love our Stonesey really.
Larrythelamb, London, 7:54 PM 2/07/2014
Its a great mix of El Bob and the school of science. The best thing is that even if we go one or two down, with our style of play we can turn defeats into draws and draws into wins. Different from the previous regime. Arent we lucky to have such a respected Manager and he has only just begun, give he a few years and who knows what we can dream of.
LES, PHUKET, 7:46 PM 1/07/2014
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