Scholes - Play Barkley In Place Of Henderson
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Former England international Paul Scholes has called upon England manager Roy Hogson to play Everton star Ross Barkley in place of the limited Jordon Henderson of the redshite.

Scholes said: "I have said before that he'd be in my team but play him in the centre like he does for Everton - not out wide as a replacement for Raheem Sterling.

"He'd be a direct replacement for Jordan Henderson. He's a good lad and has done okay, but has nowhere near the quality that Ross Barkley has.

"The Everton man would be a perfect fit for that central midfield role and would take a lot of the heavy lifting off Gerrard's shoulders.

"He can play off Gerrard, bomb forward, beat a man - give and take a pass. He'd be ideal for Wayne Rooney too and they could strike up a good partnership."

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Comments about Scholes - Play Barkley In Place Of Henderson
Rob @3 - Spot on! Gerrard has been shite, should have taken Gareth Barry instead of Stevie Blockhead. Henderson is limited but better than Saint Stevie, keep him in there alongside Wilshere and play Ross no 10. The last 20 minutes of the Italy game proved that Jack W and Ross have a good link up and this should have been used against rat face and his pals in the 2nd game.
Bristol Blue, Bristol, 10:57 AM 22/06/2014
I'd let the young and breaking through players have a game! I'd start with - Gk- F Foster Def- Smalling, Cahill, Jags, Shaw Mid- Lallana, Barkley, Gerrard, Whilshire, Sterling OR Oxlade Chamberlain For- Rooney
Harvey, Newcastle, 5:02 AM 22/06/2014
Scholes is a moron. Every time he opens his mouth he talks shite. Barkley wouldn't have been the answer to our World Cup problems, and a little here, a little there brings his progression on well. Think Roy Hodgson called it well by playing him sparingly. Looking forward to a big season from young Ross
Luke, West Derby, 12:12 AM 22/06/2014
Ross certainly has the ability to be a starter if he can be more consistent, but not in Henderson's position. Playing Ross in a deep lying midfield role is like putting reins on him. That mistake has been made before with Gerrard when he was younger, and similar to playing Scholes on the left as was done. Managers have got to stop worrying about what the big names think and pick whoever is best. Whoever is in form behind the main striker, be it be it Rooney, Sterling, Lallana, or Barkley, play them there and leave the others on the bench. Playing players in their wrong positions just to get them in the team is a mistake that has been repeated time and time again without bearing any fruit
Grongy, Salford, 10:07 PM 21/06/2014
#3 - I smell an RS mole or a Blue with a sick sense of post modern ironic humour. Either way, reading a comment like that gives me the jitters. Henderson gives shite a good name.
John T, Bristol, 9:25 PM 21/06/2014
Ross causes havoc when he comes on and should have played the start of every game Baines had no protection in front of him and i would always play stones ahead of jags in central position this will be obvious by time of euro's
Chris Simpson, Everton, 9:14 PM 21/06/2014
As much as Ross has a great deal to learn, you couldn't teach the majority of that England squad what Ross can do already! Old ginger nuts and Stevey G ("G" for gone and fcuked it up again) both know this and will try everything to get him in their squads. Ain't gonna happen lads! Last time I looked, he looks nothing like turn coat Rooney! Oh, and that goes for Stones, Coleman and Jamie Mac! The future's bright! The future's Royal Blue for these lads!
Doug, Liverpool, 5:00 PM 21/06/2014
Henderson is poor, but he was still better than Gerrard on Thursday. We should drop kick Stevie Laa into international retirement and make way for Wilshire and Barkley. 2 years to bed in and they'll be quality for the Euros
Rob, Warrington, 3:47 PM 21/06/2014
Make Scholes a coach at least someone can see the potential Of Ross .. 😉.. NSNO !!!
Colin harwood , Everton , 3:03 PM 21/06/2014
Scholes refuse to admit this, but Barkley should be in for Rooney not Henderson. In the last game, any fool is able to see that Rooney does not stick to the game plan. He wants to be in the no. 10 role but constantly becomes no. 9 with no service for the actual no. 9 Sturridge. Hendo is box to box, something Barkley is more suited for no. 10 role.
zekkc, Singapore, 1:26 PM 21/06/2014
A little late in the day now ! however i agree, that should have happened from the start as there was no link between defence and attack, Ross would have been ideal, the emphasis in getting the ball to him to make things happen, alas !
LES, PHUKET, 12:57 PM 21/06/2014
Henderson isn't good enough for my pub team. He's a below average premier league player catching a ride off the success of Suarez.
Dave Smathers, Liverpool, 12:22 PM 21/06/2014
Henderson is an excellent player and very effective, he should be in the England 1st team. Scholes is a buffoon. Barkley should be used sparingly in any position required for a couple of years.
Honest Evertonian, The Royal Oak, 12:22 PM 21/06/2014
Is it me or is it that ex man u players are trying to sweeten up Barkley.
BlueBerry, shires, 12:06 PM 21/06/2014
I'd play my granny before Henderson
Chillo, Seaforth, 11:54 AM 21/06/2014
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