Everton Trio Hoping For An England Miracle
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Everton skipper Phil Jagielka played 90 minutes for England in the 2-1 defeat by Uruguay, as did Leighton Baines. 

Ross Barkley got the last 20 minutes, but although he added fresh energy, it was not enough time for the midfielder to get into the game. 

Although there is a slight chance of England getting through, with ifs and buts. Top and bottom was England weren't good enough.

Jags said: "Gutting. We played so well again in spells. 

"It didn't go our way with Steven Gerrard flicking the ball on, and you just hope that he mis-hits one, but he hit the target and they win the game.

"We've not seen it again, but as a defender that's the last thing you want to see. A punt down the pitch, a flick-on and a goal. As you can tell by my voice, everyone is absolutely devastated.

"We had them on the back foot. I'm not sure what went on with Daniel Sturridge's penalty appeal, and we had a couple of chances, but obviously we just weren't able to get that second goal.

"It it is a similar story to the Italy game. We played pretty well but not good enough.

"There's a small chance but we are not exactly expecting something like that. We have to go out there and give a good performance against Costa Rica." 

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Comments about Everton Trio Hoping For An England Miracle
The entire England team has been exposed. Hart was shite All the Liverpool players were crap also. Roy should have changed at least 4 players after the first game.
Stephen Chapman, Canada, 8:18 PM 20/06/2014
no sorry had no cover , must be the worst ever midfield ever and full of gobshites
madcat, parkend, 7:13 PM 20/06/2014
#1 - the one who was really exposed, yet again, at this level was Gerrard. I've never seen him put in a good performance for England.The only bit of finesse on Gerrard's part was his deft header into the path of the oncoming Rodent-Satan for the second Uruguayan goal. Having so many RS in an England shirt is a recipe for stultifying/inept football - just think back to the '70s/80s national sides as well. The WC has been of very poor quality so far and probably reflects how much more important club football is now than it has ever been, as well as the not so slow death of individualism in football (and in general) combined with the inexorable rise of an overall acceptance of mediocrity/dullness. In conclusion - the only beacon of light in this dreadful world is (you've guessed it) EFC - so roll on next season.
John T, Bristol, 4:55 PM 20/06/2014
Whole team was poor . Will people finally realise there are no world class England players not even many good premier league players.
PAUL, Wirral, 4:39 PM 20/06/2014
@1 john. neither have had there best best games i agree. i think the only person found out is Roy Hodgson. Gerard just cannot do it anymore and he cannot adopt the 'Pirlo' role as he is still chasing tackles and challenging for the ball where as Pirlo just sits in space and lets the legs around him move into spaces for his passes. the rest of them just had no idea of what role they should be playing or where they should be. Last night... the punt up-field (which came about from a shit cross from henderson right at the keeper) was Jags.. all day long and twice on sundays and bank holidays, he was running onto the ball while the striker was back peddling.. only 1 winner there until slippy G stepped in to set his mate up I think Roy is a decent human being and is simply the victim of trying to adopt systems which he just does not understand as it is not in his psyche. Gary Nev is a 4-4-2 man and so cant help either. Wilshire, Barkley, lallana..etc not enough game time from the start, they are game changers in a modern system. back to the drawing board for the FA.. Roy for technical director or admin role and younger modern manager.
bitter, Liverpool, 1:12 PM 20/06/2014
Sadly both Jags and Baines have been exposed at this level
john, wallasey, 12:06 PM 20/06/2014
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