Barkley Hopes For Better Luck Against Uruguay
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England take on Uruguay in their second game in Group D tonight. A win is needed. Of the blues trio, Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines should start, but it looks like Ross Barkley will be left on the bench again.

Ross is keen to get on the pitch at some time and was happy with his contribution against Italy. 

Ross said: "It was very much like at home. The weather is not like it was in Manaus. It shouldn't be difficult for us to play our game, we don't have to worry about the weather.

"We didn't get rattled by the Italy result because we played some good football and all the players are confident going into the Uruguay game because we need to prove that we can perform on this big stage.

"It was a great experience, and I've never felt anything like that playing for England.

"Coming on was a dream, and to do it in a World Cup against Italy, against the likes of De Rossi, Pirlo. It was a dream. It can only bode well for me in the future.

"At the start a few of the lads said the conditions were hard, but then they got used to it. Because I'd done a few warm-ups I felt it was easier when I came on to adapt to the conditions.

"I was disappointed when I had my chance and the keeper's made a save. I thought I could have done better there. But overall I thought I did well when I came on." 

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Comments about Barkley Hopes For Better Luck Against Uruguay
Milan, aint no way Woy Hodgson is going to start RB, he's too much a Schmit Howser (or words to that effect)! He's like the English version of our last Boss and is too much set in his own ways. In the Italy game, he should has fee changed it round as we were too weak left of midfield (playing Rooney out of position and leaving Baines exposed at the back). I honestly think Italy will win it this year and if we had Martinez as England Manager we'd have been in for a shout too! We don't even have a propper holding midfielder to replace RS SG laaaa! He's gone for the popular selection and hoped for the best. Plenty more to moan about but I'll leave that to someone who's more bothered about the WC than myself.
Frank Lea, Speke king st, 7:31 PM 19/06/2014
England will comfortably win at least with two goals difference, Uruguay looks like Spain, except Kavanni all players seem to be fed up with football, without energy and out of form. Barkley to start nobody could keep him quiet
milan, belgrade, serbia, 1:12 PM 19/06/2014
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