Pienaar And His Soft Spot For World Cup Hopefuls
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Former South African skipper, Steven Pienaar is hoping Holland will win the World Cup. The Everton midfielder spend his youth in the Netherlands playing for Ajax.

With his own country not qualifying, Peanuts is tipping Ivory Coast, with Everton target, Wilfred Bony leading the line to go far in the competition.

Peanuts said: "When a World Cup is here you want to watch every game... that's just how it is as a football fan. It's part and parcel of being a football fan, so obviously I'm very excited. I wished all my teammates well, the ones who are playing, but I really want Holland to win it.

"Sometimes you start a tournament well and finish poorly, but I hope they can continue. Some people hadn't given them a chance this year, but after the performance against Spain they're back in the spotlight again. They came so close the last time around, so I'm hoping they can go one better this time.

"It's very disappointing not to have your own country in the World Cup, but hopefully the next time the team will be there with the group of youngsters coming up. I'm hopeful that they'll qualify for the next one. There are a lot of good young players coming through, many of whom are playing in Europe, and that's a big plus point.

"There aren't any weak teams in the World Cup, but I think that Ivory Coast can go far this time. I'd put my money on them being the African team that surprises everyone."

Do You Agree With Peanuts? Will Ivory Coast Go Far? Will Holland Win The Cup? Comment Below.

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Comments about Pienaar And His Soft Spot For World Cup Hopefuls
Must agree with #1. The upside of a generally poor World cup is that the transfer values of both Everton players and players Everton are interested in have not gone up. The down side is that we might be looking at £60million to even turn Tim Cahill's head in the direction of Goodison! As far as Pienaar's prediction is concerned I think he is just being diplomatic in his prediction for Ivory Coast (fellow Africans) and the Spaniards were so poor against the Dutch that they made them look much better than they are. I fancy Chile because of the way they play the game as a team. How much better would they be if they beefed up their squad with some Everton of Chile players.
John T, Bristol, 11:52 AM 21/06/2014
Both Bony and Lukaku have had a couple of crap games with little to no service up top. If it keeps the price tags down the I'm all for it. Bony we know wants out of the Swans and Lukaku despite recent events still wants to play for his beloved Chavski team. Would love Martinez to convince Rommers to join us though. I'm not entirely convinced Kone even was a to play for Everton. I think this year he's got to start producing otherwise he's off
doug, Liverpool, 7:12 PM 19/06/2014
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