Everton Legend Cahill Bows Out Of World Cup With Wonder Goal
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Evertonian Tim Cahill scored a wonder goal in the 3-2 defeat against World Cup Top scorers Holland last night. The goal was being compared with some of the best goals every scored in the World Cup.

Tim said is was "the best" he's ever scored. The Socceroo gave his usual corner flag celebration, which has been seen many times at Goodison Park.
Sadly that is the end of the tuornie for the Australian talisman. A booking in last nights game means he is suspended for the final group game and at 34 this will be the end of World Cups for Cahill, but the Asia Cup in 2015 is still within his sights. 

Tim said: "I played with my heart and my guts, just like I've always done, without thinking about the cards I'd already got or the ones I might get.

"I've always gone in for every ball. That's the way I've always played and it's the risk I take. I've picked up two cards but I always play in the moment, without thinking about the future. And today I've enjoyed one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

"It was a fantastic goal and without doubt the best of my career. I'll never forget it. It's a moment of great pride for me and my country. I know that it's all over for me now, but I'm leaving without any regrets. As well as scoring that goal, we gave as good as we got against one of the best teams in the world and their star players like Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie.

"Taking part in this competition is something I used to dream about when I was a boy, a time when you didn't often see Australia at the World Cup.

"I feel tremendously proud of the fact that I've played a regular part in the World Cup. We're still a young team in the football world. It's a new era for Australian football, and thanks to today's match, we've earned the respect of the whole world.

"It's a huge compliment to me to be given the task of going out and getting the goals. It motivates me to know that the team and the whole country have been banking on me in that position. I've done my best and I hope I haven't let anyone down." 

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Comments about Everton Legend Cahill Bows Out Of World Cup With Wonder Goal
What a goal, What a player he gave his all nothing left in his tank, glad I came over to Goodison to see him live when we did the Everton Southampton one the seven goal one go Aussie
Derek Thornley, Perth Australia, 9:40 AM 24/06/2014
As the Auzies say.. Struth! What a ripper might! I bet that ball is still hurting!
Doug, Liverpool, 7:42 PM 21/06/2014
Wonderful Tim - all good things to you. Come back to Goodison in some capacity.
John T, Bristol, 9:30 AM 20/06/2014
proper bloke
bitter, Liverpool, 8:19 AM 20/06/2014
Once an Evertonian, always an Evertonian - this man defines that maxim.
Dave Tudor, Shrewsbury, 7:53 PM 19/06/2014
Sorry, couldn't give a 4x for the WC and I'm not even Australian but....When I saw that goal, I have to admit... I felt it move!
Skip, Liverpool, 7:44 PM 19/06/2014
He used to smack me and the other corner flags around a bit but we new it was only his way of showing us he cared! When I saw him smack the shit out of that Brazilian Flag on telly after that wonder goal, I won't lie, I was a bit jealous!
Corner Flag , Goodison Park, 7:02 PM 19/06/2014
One of our best buys in recent years,if not the best.Australian football is slowly making strides on the world scene,and Tim is going to be essential to their evolving development.His motivational abilities will only do nothing but good,if he stays on home soil,but i also think another stint at Goodison beckons,if offered a future coaching role.Two goals so far for him at the World Cup,and i would not right him off,putting the icing on a great International career by scoring against a burnt out Spanish team.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:05 PM 19/06/2014
Said it before get this Evertonian back in the fold in some way he can only benefit our club!!
Ezza, Derby, 2:54 PM 19/06/2014
Will always remember him standing in the rain at the Park end signing autographs until his grey suit was soaked. A true man of the people.
Ivor, G St, 1:30 PM 19/06/2014
Tim represents the total ethos of what it is to be a true Everton player. He is a winner by nature, gives everything, loves the club and the fans (still), is a nice guy and at 34 still a fantastic goal scorer. I hope he gets involved in the Everton setup after he finally retires. It could only benefit us.
Kevin Mercer, Rugby, 1:16 PM 19/06/2014
As a footballer he is class. As a man he is class. Some people have questioned whether he is an Everton legend but I don't know what planet they come from.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 11:57 AM 19/06/2014
I really miss that man. Past it? My bollox!
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 11:37 AM 19/06/2014
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