Howard Could Play Until He Is Forty
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Everton legend Neville Southall thinks Tim Howard can carry on playing for Everton until he is 40.

Tim, who has just won his 100th cap, makes his first appearance at the World Cup tonight when he plays for USA v Ghana.

Big Nev said: "Tim has done brilliantly. He's been a top-class goalkeeper for a number of years now.

"You don't get to 100 caps if you're an idiot - it's a nice achievement for Tim and I'm chuffed for him to get such recognition.

"He's got a really strong mentality and last season he appeared more relaxed than he's ever been. His body language was totally different to what it had been in the past and he now seems a lot happier.

"Back when I was playing, depending who we were up against, you could be really busy as a goalkeeper or doing nothing - there was no in between.

"The way football is now, Tim is at his peak. It's different to when I was playing - the physicality of the challenges have largely gone.

"He could well go on to keep playing at the top level when he's 40, and he's now at an age when he's as strong as he's going to be both physically and mentally." 

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Comments about Howard Could Play Until He Is Forty
He's been a great signing for us, one of the best. He's not as good as Big Nev, but who ever can be? He showed against Ghana in the WC that he's still in great shape and hungry with it. The Americans would have lost that game if he hadn't been in such good form.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:12 AM 18/06/2014
If there is one thing the internet football fan NEVER forgives it is a "typo." Black mark there Blue Kipper.
Pedant, Abercromby Square, 1:03 PM 17/06/2014
He is our rock at the Back isn't he!?
doug, Liverpool, 8:14 PM 16/06/2014
Fabulous achievement for Tim Howard, many congratulations to the guy. Wonder if he has read Big Nevs book and keyed in on his single-mindedness to play as well as he can for as long as he can? Can't help thinking Big Nev could still help him in certain areas of his game.
Andy, Warrington, 6:46 PM 16/06/2014
Shhh! Don't tell them they've put the wrong Tim's name in there. Unless the Jackaroo is coming back of course.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 4:28 PM 16/06/2014
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