Evertonians Become Brazilians For A Day
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So the World Cup Starts today and it's already been done to death. 

Here is a bit more. There are 9 former Everton players playing in Brazil.

Here are their "Brazilian Names". See if you can guess who they are.

  1. Senderinho - Philleppe Senderos (Switzerland)
  2. Cahauro Pau - Tim Cahill (Australia)
  3. Josildo - Joseph Yobbo (Nigeria)
  4. Nikicisco - Nikica Jelavic (Croatia)
  5. Jo - Jo (Brazil)
  6. Shokdrito - Shokodran Mustafi (Germany)
  7. Lukakundo Santos - Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)
  8. Wayniano - Wayne Rooney (England)
  9. Roberto Mariuanauro - Maroune Fellaini (Belgium)

and an easy one to finish off with. A coach at the World Cup

  • Amocachimo - Daniel Amocachi (Nigeria)

Click here to get your Brazilian Name 

Add your answers to the comments below together with your own name.

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Comments about Evertonians Become Brazilians For A Day
10 Segundo Castillo
preki, L25, 9:24 AM 21/06/2014
Do you think the brazilian riots are really in protest of how s*** their national team is?
douglasillylearo, Sambar in Liverpool, 7:36 PM 19/06/2014
Brilliant website. I shared it with everyone I know.
Tommy, Moved from Speke to Canada, 3:30 AM 15/06/2014
The competition's only just started and already the commentators have gone over the top. From what I saw in that first match Brazil won't reach the quarter finals, but the pressure on refs will be ridiculous and that might turn out to be crucial.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:54 AM 14/06/2014
looks like its put the house on Brasil time! penalty?? disallowed goal?? how fucking sad
bitter, Liverpool, 11:00 AM 13/06/2014
The most over rated gang of no marks in the history of the game. I hope they get stuffed in their next matches. Croatia were robbed.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 10:40 AM 13/06/2014
I watched the travesty that was Brazil/Croatia and turned off when the 'penalty' was awarded. I've very rarely ever seen a game so totally ruined. I do not want a Brazilian name - even if it's only for a day. Perhaps I will elect for a Croatia name - hold on they were Nazi collaborators, so scratch that as well.
John T, Bristol, 11:56 PM 12/06/2014
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