Barkley The Invincible Should Start Against Italy
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Ross Barkley has been given more pats on the back before the England v Italy game tonight has started.

Former Italy striker Gianluca Vialli has said that Ross could become "invincible" at this World Cup.

Former England star Paul Scholes has been saying Ross Barkley must start.

Vialli said: "If Ross Barkley comes off the bench he will be a major threat because nobody in Italy knows about him. He is very talented and can cause the opposition problems with his vision and his passing and shooting ability.

"The World Cup is about going into the tournament as a good player and coming out as a world class player.

"By the end of it Barkley could be invincible."

Scholes said: "None of the big teams fear England in this World Cup. Let's give them something to worry about. Ross Barkley must start.
This could be just me, but how do England play football?

"I don't know. It seems there's speculation before every game about how we are going to approach the match tactically.

"Two up front? One up front? Wide players? Holding midfielders? 

" The strength of the England squad is this new breed of players who are enthusiastic, athletic and attack-minded. There is no point taking people like Raheem Sterling or Barkley to Brazil 'for the experience'. Play them. Some might say it's risky. But these players have the fitness and ability to get the ball back if they lose it hopefully not in dangerous positions. You want them to attack and give the opposition problems. 

"I was watching the England vs Ecuador friendly in an airport lounge, a bit back from the screen. In the first-half Barkley went on a run and I thought, 'Bloody hell, is that Rooney?'

"Barkley made me think of Wayne at Euro 2004. I had to take a second look because I thought it was Wayne. 

"Hodgson has little to lose by going for the jugular in Rio. Will we be satisfied if England scrape through to the quarter-finals playing negative football?

"Let's not do that and instead take responsibility for what happens if we go for it. Let these England players off the leash."

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Comments about Barkley The Invincible Should Start Against Italy
All this hype is worrying if Ross can't do it. I think it's best giving him the first hour or the last half hour. That'll give him a taste, and then start him in the next match to give him a bit more time. To be honest I'm more concerned about Ross than I am about England.
Spectator, Crosby, 5:38 PM 12/06/2014
More than likely be drafted on from the bench,if the alarm bells are about to ring.Italy,never mugs on the big stage,so Ross the saviour sounds more the tone.A wild card for England,not what the Italians expect from a formulaic opposition,so grab the moment,don't let go and win,not by scraping home or the good ol bulldog spirit,but by all doing yourselves justice with flair and pace.Every four years,same old story,break the mould,perform and even Sepp(Where's me integrity)Blatter might even acknowledge the skill factor.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:20 PM 12/06/2014
Scholes is saying what most England fans think, play some decent footy and take a risk instead of grinding out 0-0 matches and hope for a big win against Costa Rica. I don't see RH doing that and my only hope is our lads from EFC come home healthy and RM has a few signatures under his belt.
VirginiaBlue, Virginia, USA, 2:00 PM 12/06/2014
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