Martinez Watches Everton Targets At Dutch Training Camp
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Roberto Martinez was an early morning jogger in Rio. He was joined on his run along Ipanema beach by Ruud van Nistelrooy and former USA womens soccer captain Julie Foudy. It was great to see him in his Everton clobber.

Roberto then went to watch Everton targets Jermaine Lens and Stefan De Vrij. Martinez was in deep conversation with horse head, but they didn't want the watching media know what they were talking about.

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Comments about Martinez Watches Everton Targets At Dutch Training Camp
If I found him in bed with the Wife I would tap him on the Shoulder and ask him how many Sugars He would like in his Tea
Lawrence Kelly, Uttxeter, 2:18 PM 14/06/2014
I think it's excellent that Roberto Martinez is over in Brazil, taking the time to watch potential targets. If they have great potential and would be the right kind of players for the Everton team, then I wouldn't be surprised if Roberto signed one or two Dutch players. After the way Holland destroyed Spain 5-1, I think Dutch players in the Everton team would be a big welcome. As for Chelsea, they should think again about potentially signing Diego Costa. He was absolutely rubbish!
Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 10:38 AM 14/06/2014
how can the players not want to play for this man... his face beams and he looks like the happiest man on the planet...stark contrast to the slapped arse moyes face...
bitter, Liverpool, 11:08 AM 13/06/2014
If RM gets us in the CL then I'll go from only wanting to give him a peck on the cheek (face not arse) and be inclined towards a lengthy session of Frenching. Winning the CL would entail full intercourse, but only after we were married.
John T, Bristol, 12:09 AM 13/06/2014
developing a serious man crush on Reberto
jck, wrk, 11:22 AM 12/06/2014
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