Baines The Good The Bad And The Very Ugly
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First the good news! The self confessed Smiths fan met his idol, Morrisey, who was staying in the same hotel in Miami as the England squad.

Bainesy said: "I knew he had played in Miami that week so I had a chat with him and he wished us good luck.

"I was a bit nervous about speaking to him because I didn't know how it would be received.

"I don't know if he knew who I was.

"I don't know if anyone else other than Gary Neville knew who he was."

Then the bad. Bainesy was subject to some rough stuff from the Hondurans whilst winning his 24th England cap.

Bainesy said: "We did well to keep our composure.

"I thought a few of the challenges were a bit harsh.

"There was a bad one on Stevie Gerrard. I was just glad to see him get up after that.

"You didn't see us running over and making a meal of it.

"The one incident I got booked for I went over and asked him why he went down and suddenly there were three or four people around me.

"You just have to walk away from it because they are making a meal of it, it's a lesson for us.

"We are looking forward to it. We feel we are in a good place.

"We had a good week in Miami, we adjusted to the heat and the time zone.

"We have been together for three weeks, but it hasn't actually felt that long. It has flown by really."

Now in Rio he heard what the ugly, redshite diver, Suarez has called him 'spectacular'.

No doubt the Uraguian cheat will be in full spectaular flow trying to win penalties in the group game against England.

Suarez said: "Baines is a player I like a lot. His focus is more defensive than attacking but he has got the best left foot in the Premier League.

"He's spectacular. He has a lot of quality, he strikes the ball very well and, with good players around him, England can benefit from that. We have to be very careful."

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Mmmmmh those comments speak volumes to me. Watch out Bainsey, you might get your legs chopped off during the game. Steer clear of the nasty tackles.
Kiwi, NZ, 6:43 AM 10/06/2014
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