Jagielka Twitter and Monday Night Videos
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The Everton trio have landed in Brazil with John Stones returning to England, as it looks like the Ox will be fit for the World Cup.

Everton skipper Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines both started England's final warm up game against Honduras.

Ross Barkley came on for the second half and looked lively in a feisty 0-0 game.

Jags has revealed that England are watching plenty of videos on the opposition players in preparation for the World Cup start this week.

Jags said: "The teams we're playing against, we know a few of the strikers already because they play in the Premier League or some of the big clubs around Europe, so you've an idea of what you're up against. But there's so much video you can get hold of. We've got three video analysis people here.

"Obviously, Gary Neville's more than capable of taking you through a video or two. It's pretty much like watching Monday Night Football, with more of a personal touch, and he can't tell you off.

"We've got all the equipment that we need. We'll look at the Italian pairings, those who could potentially play up front for Italy, get that game out of the way and then move on to Uruguay and Costa Rica.

"We've played against Balotelli. He's a character. He scores goals. He's got fantastic ability and a fantastic shot on him, especially with the way these balls move. Joe Hart will be desperate for us to make sure he doesn't get too many opportunities to strike it. We'll look in more detail closer to the game with the dos and don'ts and, hopefully, make the right decisions, play well and come away with the points."

The England first choice centre back is keen to improve his twitter skills after joining the social media platform last week.
Jags said; "It was perfect timing, wasn't it? I wasn't involved and I just wanted to wish the boys good luck, but it took me too long to work out how to do anything and by the time I'd pressed send, literally 20 seconds later, Ecuador scored.

"I was thinking 'how do I delete this now', and Bainesy told me: 'You've got no chance, just deal with it.' I've had a bit of ribbing off the lads. It's been classed the 'tweet of death'. I wouldn't do it in a game I was involved in, obviously.

"I'm still early days with Twitter, so please bear with me and I'll try to get better. Everyone took it in fairly good spirits and no one's too annoyed with me."

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